This is the second and substantially enlarged edition published by Foundation Africa Server, Amsterdam in co-operation with the African Studies Centre, Leiden.

February 2002.

How to find Ethiopian restaurants, African journalists, a Nigerian consultant, an Eritrean travel agent, a Somali scientist, a Congolese choir, a Gambian artist, a Moroccon organisation or a Ghanaian fashion designer?

This directory helps to locate African expertise and African entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. In this second edition with some 800 entries we have focused mainly on Africans from Sub-Sahara Africa. However for the first time North Africa, especially Morocco has been included.

The directory has various entries: Geographical by region or country in Africa; by city in Holland.
Thematically the entries fit into 13 categories like Artists, Cultural management, Aid & Development,Business, Media and Communication, Religion and Health, Medicare and Nurseries.
Also one can search by alphabet or use the search engine.

This module is part of the Africaserver,

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