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African Women Perspective (Ethiopia)

Organises cultural and political programmes for refugees and others who are interested in refugee affairs.
Mrs. Lydia Geletta W. Booji
De Parelvisserslaan 163
1183 RK   Amstelveen
tel: 020 - 640 0918
fax: 020 - 600 1784
Fnote Birhan Akeba Christianaat Tigrigna (Eritrea)

Fnote Birhan is one of the largest Eritrean evangelical churches in the Netherlands. Services are held every Sunday at 14:00 hours in Tigrigna at the Evangelical Church, Frederik Hendrikstraat 17 in Amsterdam. Together with other Eritrean and Ethiopian churches in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe they organise at least twice a year Bible Conferences in different parts of Europe, mainly in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Denmark. They have good contacts with evangelical churches in Eritrea.
Mr. Tedros Haish
Uilenstede 378
1183 DC   Amstelveen
tel: 020 - 684 1251
Radio Kalakuta Republic (Nigeria)
Programme-Ariya Miliki System
Mr. Latif Ade Tijani is a Nigerian disc jockey who entertains his listeners with Nigerian and other African music. You can enjoy his program every Thursday from 22:00 -24:00 hours on 99.3FM. This semi-legal radio is called Radio 100.
Mr. Latif Ade Tijani
Korvet 5
1186 WC   Amstelveen
tel: 020 - 647 9457

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