13. Miscelleaneous


a) Jabulani, report of the media conference Freedom of the Airwaves, 59 min, 1991. An encounter of 50 mediaworkers from South Africa and the ANC about a future media policy. Tape 156


b) The Netherlands against Apartheid, 1994. A documentary and footage produced by the Amsterdam Historical Museum. Footage includes extensive interview with Rafiq Rohan. Tapes 157-159


c) Amandla, 20 minutes, July 1985.  Eli Weinberg Photolab (ANC).

Edited by David Brown and Carla van den Berg. Tape 160


d) Onderwijs tegen Apartheid / Education against Apartheid, 30 min, 1979

A video made for secondary education. Tape 160

Produced by Meatball in The Hague with AABN Onderwijsgroep / Education group.


e) Ik ben er geweest / I was there, 1981. Maarten Rens visits relatives in South Africa, roughly edited. Tape 161


f) Thozamila Botha, 1981, 30 min, B/W.  Tape 162 and as well master 70

Interview by J.P. de Jeu (AABN) in Amsterdam with Thoza­mila Botha, who went into exile, about wor­kers strug­gle and support of the community as in the case of a.o Fattis and Monis.


g) Govan Mbeki, 9 minutes, 1990. Tjebbe van Tijen (University of Amsterdam) composed a digital portrait.  Tape 162


h) Interview with professor Christo Viljoen for media conference Jabulani, 1991. Tape 163


i) Interview with O.R.Tambo in Lusaka by ANC video unit for Radio Freedom support group in Holland, 20 minutes, 1988. Tape 164


j) Emakishini  - in the Kitchen, 57 min, Sadwu play performed in Utrecht, 1993. Tape 165

plus footage and interview with Violet Senna. Tapes 166-167-168


k) Resistance and Solidarity, 1986, 42 min. A film presented by the Dutch Communist Party. Tape 169


l) Varia tv compilation archive, 18 hours, material from Dutch television, and to a lesser extent from SABC, BBC and CNN. 

The bulk of the material contains interviews with members of the Dutch Anti Apartheid Movement and of the ANC high-lighting and commenting campaigns, conferences and major political issues.  Tapes 170-187


m) Saying No - Gabarone, Medu cultural conference, 1982, documentary by Gerard Jacobs, 42 min. Tape 188


n) Magic Garden, 1960, B/W, video version,  Dutch subtitles, of the feature shot in Alexandra, directed by Donald Swanson, 61 minutes. Tape 189


o) Various - mentioned elsewhere in the catalogue under a different heading:

1.    (Edited): Onderwijs tegen Apartheid, Onderwijs voor Bevrijding, 23 minutes. Students of the Solomon Mahlangu (ANC) school in Tanzania in the Netherlands. Tape 6

2.   (Edited): Amandla, Excerpts from a performance in December 1983, 45 minutes. Tape 18

3.   Radio Freedom Studio in Lusaka. Preparations for a radio program with presenter Golden and in the Message of ANC president Tambo. 1985, 25 minutes. Tape 60


p) Other material in archive, acquired, not sorted out, copied or described.

1.   ANC video unit

2.   Omroep voor Radio Freedom Archive / the visual and audio file of Dutch Broadcasters support Radio Freedom.
a. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s a group of Dutch broadcasters in co-operation with the AABN campaigned for and collected material for Radio Freedom. The archive contains campaign spots on Dutch tv, material shot in Radio Freedom Studio in Lusaka, interviews with workers of Radio Freedom and many sound tapes.

3.   Material SABC from its Dutch correspondent.

4.   Other e.g. of the Amsterdam Historical Museum: interview with a.o. David Moisi.





Tape 156    Jabulani - Freedom of the Airwaves, 1991

Jabulani, a video report of the media conference Freedom of the Airwaves, 59 min, 1991.

An encounter of 50 mediaworkers from South Africa and the ANC about a future     media policy held in the Netherlands August 11-18 and organized by Omroep voor Radio Freedom in cooperation with the Anti Apartheid Movement / AABN.             


The following persons are interviewed or speak: John van Zyl, Pallo Jordan (ANC), Professor J.Ndebele, Michael Markovitiz and Lawrence Dworkin (FAWO), Don Pinnock, Eddy Mbalo (Dynamic Images), Raymond Louw (Campaign for Open Media), professor Chr. Viljoen (SABC Task Force), Don Ngubeni (Radio Freedom), Carol Steinberg, Carl Niehaus (ANC) and Maartje van Weegen (chairlady Omroep voor Radio Freedom) and a performance by Joe Malinga and the Southern Africa Force.


Program conceived by Bart Luirink and Job de Haan.

Copyright Omroep voor Radio Freedom and AABN.


Tape 157    Amsterdam Historical Museum, 1994

00:02:02-00:22:57   [SECTION 1]    

(Edited): The Netherlands against Apartheid / Nederland tegen Apartheid, 1994, 20 minutes. Master with Dutch subtitles.

A documentary in the framework of an exhibition of the same title in the Amsterdam Historical Museum / Amsterdams Historisch Museum (AHM).


In the documentary interviews with Amy Thornton, David Moisi, Jay Naidoo, Rafiq Rohan, Violet Senna. Produced by Amsterdams Historisch Museum

Director ms. Carry van Lakerveld.  Furthermore in the team: Richard Blake, Erik Gastkemper and Leo Jansen. Material shot in Cape Town and in Amsterdam.


00:02:02-00:22:57   [SECTION 2]    (Edited): The Netherlands against apartheid, 1994,

Master with English subtitles.


00:11:07-00:35:37   [SECTION 3]    

Footage of the interview with Rafiq Rohan, about his life, apartheid, his activities for M.K., arrest, imprisonment and torture, about the future of South Africa.



Tape 158       Amsterdam Historical Museum     

00:00:35-00:46:57   [SECTION 1]    [CONTINUED FROM TAPE 157 SECTION 3]

. Interview Rohan continued.


14:00:21-14:24:38   [SECTION 2]    

. Interview Rohan continued.


04:00:36-04:19:40   [SECTION 3]   

. Stills Rohan, Jay Naidoo, Amy Thornton, Janet Love, Violet Senna.


15:00:38-15:11:39   [SECTION 4]

. Stills David Moisi, Beyers Naude. (Dutch presscutting with picture Moisi)



Tape 159   Amsterdam Historical Museum          

15:11:40-15:19:11   [SECTION 1]   [CONTINUED FROM TAPE 158 SECTION 4]

. Stills David Moisi picket-line in Amsterdam with photo of Moisi, Shanbangu

and Tsotsobe, and UK poster.


00:02:02-00:38:02   [SECTION 2]             

. Dutch TV, NCRV documentary: Zuid-Afrika – de Apartheid voorbij?

Film on the new South Afrika with a.o.  Previn Ghordan, mayor G.Muller, Beyers Naude, Busak, minister L. Wessels and various activists.


Tape 160   Amandla,1985 & Education against Apartheid,1979

00:01:00-00:21:00   [SECTION 1]   1985

(Edited): Amandla, 20 minutes, July 1985.

By Eli Weinberg Photolab (ANC).

Edited by David Brown and Carla van den Berg.

About the ANC cultural ensemble Amandla interspersed with interviews with lead singer Ndonda Khuze and others.

Material: based on AABN footage of Amandla performance in Amsterdam, December 1983; Amandla in Stockholm from Swedish tv 1983 and from Come Back Africa by Lionel Rogosin, 1959.

Copyright with Eli Weinberg Photolab.

NB. Modest technical quality.


00:22:16-00:52:52   [SECTION 2]   1979

(Edited):  Onderwijs tegen Apartheid / Education against Apartheid, 30 min.

A video made for secondary education. In the first fifteen minutes the history of apartheid and education. In the second part students in action; some campaigns of AABN like support for refugees, producing educational material; students of Barlaeus school collect signatures to stop the execution of Solomon Mahlangu.

Commentary voice of Conny Braam in second part; further with Rob Duijker, fine artists Toos Koedam and Jan Kooperdraad. With the cooperation of Klas 4, Havo 4 Michael College in Zaandam; with and Maaike Verrips, Madelei­ne Kuijpers and Elisabeth Kool of Barlaeus Gymnasium in Am­sterdam who are interviewed by Fulco van Au­rich.

Produced by Meatball in The Hague with AABN Onderwijsgroep / Education group.


Tape 161    Ik ben er geweest / I was there

00:02:02-00:31:20          Ik ben er geweest / I was there, 1981

. Encounter of Dutch filmmaker Maarten Rens with his relatives and their

maid in Pretoria; roughly edited.



Tape 162       Thozamila Botha,1981 & Govan Mbeki,1990

00:00:00-00:29:33              Thozamila Botha, 1981, 30 min, B/W.

Interview by J.P. de Jeu (AABN) in Amsterdam with Thoza­mila Botha, who recently went into exile, about wor­kers strug­gle and support of the community as in the case of a.o Fattis and Monis. The way Ford dealt with strikers. Also about the Sulli­van principles, inter­na­tional boycott; Sactu and Os­car Mpheta.

NB also on master  70l


00:00:00-00:09:00              Govan Mbeki, 1990, 9 minutes

On the 28 of September 1990 Dr. Govan Mbeki was able to pay a visit to the University of Amsterdam that conferred him a honourary degree in 1978.

For the occasion mr. Tjebbe van Tijen composed a digital portrait of Mbeki: a collage of pictures, and articles written by Govan Mbeki. Stills from.o. the Pondoland rising, Fighting Talk, the Spark and from the council of the UnIversity of Amsterdam after a debate on Govan Mbeki. The collage was shown during various ceremonies and does not contain sound.


Tape 163   Jabulani-Christo Viljoen,1991

16:31:26-16:51:12                   . Interview with professor Christo Viljoen, chairman of the Taskgroup on broadcasting. For the media conference Jabulani held in Holland, August 1991.


Tape 164       Radio Freedom - O.R.Tambo,1988

00:01:00-00:20:09          . An interview with ANC president Tambo in Lusaka by the Anc video unit for Radio Freedom support-group in Hol­land.

Interview concentrates on comparison of Nazi regime and occu­pation of the Netherlands with the apartheid regime. How the struggle against fascism and the Second World War inspired Tambo and his generation in 1939 and after 1945.


Tape 165       Emakhishini,1993

00:01:04-00:58:13          [Edited] Emakhishini - in the kitchen, 57 min, October 1993.

Sadwu play, filmed in Rasa Theatre, 8 October1993 in Utrecht.

Actors Violet Senna, Tabhita Mohlala, Lorraine Mafunisa, Evelyn Moshimane and Connie Rantsho.

Director of the play: Tale Motsepe of the Market Theater Laboratory.

Technical crew: Erik Gastkemper, Martin ter Schure, Huub Schoonhoven en Annemarie de Wildt.         


Tape 166       Emakhishini,1993    

01:01:00-01:01:22              Complete play Emakhishini - in the kitchen without title and credits

After the play some words of Madeleine Mourik of the AABN womens group. 


Tape 167       Emakhishini,1993     

00:01:04-00:58:36          . After the performance the actresses (in another dress) sing various songs.

The songs are announced. In one song on 14’ ms. Mbatha participates.

. 17’ Performance of Brass Mbube band (four persons including Richard Blake).

. 21’ Some scenes from the play, rehearsal; followed by various songs and brass band. No sound in this part.


Tape 168     Sadwu – Violet Senna, 1993

00:01:00- 00:26:56          . Violet Senna, Sadwu president, interviewed by Carry van Lakerveld of the Amsterdam Historical Museum.

About the origin of Sadwu (established in 1986), the predecessors and the Domestic Workers Project; the breakaway and merger. On position of domestic workers, madams, sexual harassment, funding and support from Holland, and on Senna’s development as a domestic and involvement with the union.


Tape 169    Resistance and Solidarity, 1986

00:01:03-00:42:53          (Edited): Resistance and Solidarity, 42 minutes.

A film by the Communist Party Netherlands (CPN) as a present to the ANC.

An account of Dutch resistance against racism and fascism: on Spain, W.W. II, Indonesia and South Africa presented by ms. Tineke van de Klinkenberg. Memories told by resistance fighters: Frans Oort about his role in the International Brigade in Spain in front of the monument for Krijn Breur.

With ms. Truus Menger and ms Fred Dekker  (as youngsters active in the armed underground) watching an exhibition on the Second World War in the Amsterdam Historical Museum with attention to a.o. the life and execution of ms. Hannie Schaft.

On Indonesia with Piet van Klaveren, who defected the Dutch occupational, colonial army in Indonesia in 1947.

Furthermore ms. Elli Izeboud about the role of daily de Waarheid (of the CPN).

A quick survey of campaigns against apartheid and support to ANC with the Fanfare of the Eerste Liefdesnacht, Fons Geerlings and Morgenrood choir de Waarheid.

Edited and camera by Maarten Rens. Translator Paul Kuiper.


Tape 170       Varia tv compilation archive

00:01:01-01:14:32          . Dutch tv 1982, Ver van mijn Bed Show – Han van der Meer:

Interview with mr. Ya Oto, exiled Namibian living in Angola about his book Frontline Namibia. Van der Meer deplores Conny Braam could not be present but shows picture of Conny Braam with her newborn daughter and he retells a story of Conny on "secret black songs" at Johannesburg airport. After a song singer James Phillips is interviewed about the relevance of resistance songs (in Zulu) of a.o. Vusi Mini. Furthermore in the program journalist / correspondent Gerard Jacobs who was expelled from South Africa and a Zambian female journalist working in Holland about Radio Freedom.

. 22.08" Dutch tv: VPRO – de Verbeelding. Interview with Conny Braam and Cosmo Pieterse about the outcome of the Conference held in Amsterdam, the Cultural Voice of Resistance. Opting for a new cultural treaty between Holland and the ANC. Performance of female singer with 4 males in choir: Barry Gilder and others, 1982.

. 29.47" Dutch tv: Nos news ANC president O.R. Tambo opens the Academic Year of the University of Amsterdam, January 1983.

. 31.16" Dutch tv: Nos news. Night vigil against the execution of three ANC cadres  in front of the South African embassy in the Hague, plus decision of the Security Council in New York.                            

. 32.44" Dutch tv: KRO – Ver van mijn Bed Show, 1983. Conny Braam tells      about her tour through Southern Africa to prepare the AABN Hearing against South African aggression in the Region. She shows pictures of victims (killed in Lesotho), about  role of Pretoria, number (40-80.000) and role of Dutch nationals in South Africa.

. 43.14" Dutch tv: Het Capitool. Discussion led by mr. Herman Wigbold on the regional role of South Africa and its aggression after the peace accord between South Africa with Angola and Mozambiqie. Furthermore on the homeland policy. Participants: Conny Braam (AABN), mr. Zoutendijk (member of the Senate for the VVD, mr. J.N. Scholten (Member of Parliament) and mr. van der Valk (former Dutch ambassador to South Africa). 1984

Continued on tape 171.


Tape 171    Varia compilation archive continued

00:07:23-01:16:22          . Capitool discussion continued.

. 22.58" Dutch tv VPRO Tijdverschijnselen. Conny Braam interviewed about the pro-apartheid lobby in Holland as traced by the AABN in a huge “thugs file".  Furthermore interviews with some apartheid-government protagonists: South African ambassador D. Louw, right-wing lawyer L. van Heyningen, ms. A. Slaa de Jong, chairperson of Nederland – Zuid-Afrikaanse Werkgemeenschap.

. 44.42" Dutch tv VPRO Gekleurd Nieuws / Coloured News, May 1985.

. Radio Freedom Gala evening. A summary of 130 minutes of the Radio Freedom Gala in Amsterdam theatre Carre. It was the conclusion of a national campaign by members of Dutch broadcast stations to collect money and equipment for Radio Freedom; a campaign done in cooperation with AABN.

An extra-ordinary show interspersed with news items read by tv presenter Joop van Zyl. Most of the songs and the sketches deal with the ANC and the struggle against apartheid. Master of ceremony is mr. Bart Peeters. Performances by a wealth of artists supported by a big band and a choir.

Performances of: Raymond van ‘t Groenewoud, Michiel Romeyn, tap-dancer Rob Brown, South African exile singer Harriet Matiwane.

. 01.11.55" Performance by comedian Freek de Jonge.

N.B. Master tape starts at 00.02.11


Tape 172       Varia compilation archive continued

00:07:20- 01:03:00         . comedian Freek de Jonge continued.

. 18.33" A variety of artists interspersed with short news items on ANC and South Africa by national news presenter Joop van Zyl. Performances of Jimmy van der Woude with Gerard Atema, Mai Tai band, Fatala band, singer Mieke Stemerdinck,  Jenny Arean and others.

. 01.01.55" Start of the Finale with Freek de Jonge.

Continued on tape 173.

N.B. Master tape runs from 00.01.00-01.08.22


Tape 173   Varia media continued

00:01:27-01:13:06          . Freek de Jonge continued with the song Samen / Together (released as a single for Radio Freedom campaign); end of Gekleurd Nieuws / Coloured News.

. 2.45" Dutch tv Nos news. Arrest of Klaas de Jonge in South Africa, arms cache, comment Botha and ambassador in The Hague.

against the apartheid regime with Conny Braam (AABN), Jacques Wallage (MP for Labour Party), Jean Penders (Christian democrat MEP) and A. Van der Meer (Christian employers association).

. 54.26" Dutch tv, 1986. Sonja Barend talkshow with controversial Dutch journalist   Willem Oltmans who just returned from South Africa. On 01.01.40 in a heated  encounter with Conny Braam (AABN).


Tape 174    Varia compilation archive continued

00:03:46-01:17:03          . Confrontation Oltmans and Braam continued.

. 6.07" Dutch tv Nos news, 1985 Two item on AABN campaign Send a postcard to Mandela. Hand-over of mailbags to Winnie Mandela in Soweto by AABN representative ms. Dineke Posthumus. Comment from Tutu in London.

. 8.29" Dutch tv, Achter het Nieuws, 1985. Item on 70th birthday of Mandela, Zinzi Mandela speaks and Stevie Wonder sings at the UN in New York, reactions internationally.

. 12.37" Dutch tv, Achter het Nieuws, 1985. Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbe on the campaign to sent a massage to Mandela, appeal to participate, shots of AABN office, comment and interview with bishop Tutu from London where he participates in the huge Mandela Free rally.

. 16.16" Dutch tv, Achter het Nieuws on stepping down of p.m. Botha, de Klerk possibly the new p.m., comments from UDF delegation M. Valli and Murphy Morobe who visit the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs mr. van den Broek.

. 17.02" Dutch tv Nos news. UDF delegation Morobe and Valli received at the   Amsterdam airport by Conny Braam and Fons Geerlings of AABN.  Murphy  Morobe and  M. Valli on boycott and Dutch nationals in the South African army.

. 19.30" Dutch tv, 1989/90. Interview with Conny Braam on Malibongwe         Conference planned for January 1990 for which 110 women from South Africa and 60 South African women in exile are expected to attend.

. 22.28" Dutch tv, IKON, 1989. A docu-clip of 25 minutes titled Ossewa Rock about the life and music of Johannes Kerkorrel. Furthermore on the position of Afrikaanders, shots from Hillbrow, Kerkorrel in stadium to welcome just released Walter Sisulu. Including interview with Max du Preez.

Film shot in South Africa. Director Leon C.C., production and research Ingrid Gavshon, editor Martin (Maarten) Rens, editor-in-chief Sannette Naeye.

. 47.42" Dutch tv, het Capitool, 1990. Discussion led by presenter Fred Verbakel on the intended boycott policy of local governments against companies present in South Africa. Participants in the debate: Conny Braam (AABN), Rudolf de Bok (Chamber of Commerce, city of Rotterdam), Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (M.P. for CDA – Christian Democratic party) and Walter Etty (alderman and deputy mayor of the city of Amsterdam).

N.B. Master starts at 01.00.00


Tape 175   Varia compilation archive continued

00:09:46-01:02:20          . Capitool continued a.o. the position of Shell.

. 29.09" Dutch tv Nos news. Walter Sisulu received by Conny Braam and S. Bosgra at the Amsterdam airport. Item repeated.          

. 31.29" Dutch tv Nos news, 1990.  Announcement Mandela will be released. Comments and reactions from de Klerk, Tutu, in Soweto and Boesak.

On 40.23" in AABN office, and Amsterdam mayor Ed van Thijn.

. 46.52" Dutch tv. Comments from ANC (Alfred Nzo) in Lusaka on un-banning.

. 48.26" BBC news. ANC in Lusaka, comments Nzo and Chris Hani.

. 51.20" BBC news, Mandela meets 40 foreign diplomats.

. 53.58" BBC news on negotiations and unbanning ANC.

. 54.58" BBC news Mandela meets foreign diplomats; comments by Buthelezi  and Chris Hani.

. 58.28" Dutch tv, Nos news.  First public celebration of announced release of Mandela at Dam Square in Amsterdam. Dennis Goldberg speaks. Goldberg      accompanied by Fons Geerlings and Peter Hermes of AABN. Item repeated.

N.B. Master starts at 00.01.00


Tape 176   Varia compilation archive continued

00:01:39-01:13:57          . Dutch tv, Vpro Belevenissen, 1990. Conny Braam, chairlady of the AABN followed by Peter van Ingen until the release of Nelson Mandela; her activities and life. Braam meets a.o. Albie Sachs, watching the release of Mandela with Mayor Ed van Thijn in AABN office.

. 28.08" Dutch tv, Conny Braam on the release of Mandela.

. 38.27" Dutch tv, 1990. Conny Braam at Amsterdam Leidseplein telling about the upcoming event to celebrate in town the unbanning of the ANC; to continue political support for ANC and for the exiles who will return.

.  43.42" Dutch tv, Nos news Mandela received in Lusaka after his release.

. 44.20" Dutch tv. Conny Braam interviewed by Dieuwertje Blok on situation in South Africa; preparing for a public event on the 16th of June 1990.

. 51.10" Dutch tv. Conny Braam with Sonja Barend on the Iraq war.

. 56.40" Dutch tv, Nos news. Debate in Dutch parliament on the intended and heavily contested (by AABN) visit of prime minister Lubbers to South Africa.  Decision postponed, comment of Carl Niehaus, 1991.

. 1.03.24" Dutch tv, KRO-Brandpunt about the referendum in South Africa and role of whites with Conny Braam and Ineke van Kessel.


Tape 177     Varia compilation archive continued

00:02:23-00:22.01         . Brandpunt continued.         N.B. Master starts at 00.01.02

. 2.59" Dutch tv. Conny Braam interviewed by Ischa Meyer after the release of her second book de Bokkeslachter (1993) about the life of Berend Schuitema (former AABN activist / founding member who returned to South Africa in the seventies). Braam speaks on her life as a writer and activist.

. 15.50" Dutch tv, 1990. Presenter Han van de Meer with Conny Braam about whites and the changes in South Africa.


00:00:00-00:46.30          . Dutch tv. Talkshow Sonja Barend, 1992.

The whole program with Conny Braam at the occasion of the release of her book about Operation Vula. Her role and the activities of various Dutch nationals: a mix of well-known artists,  people of the media and persons linked to the AABN. With a.o. Jan Tax, Dinie Gallis, Marieke van der Pol and Lucia Raadschelders who operatedunderground in Lusaka.  Also on torture in ANC camps and other topics.


Tape 178     Varia compilation archive continued

00:01:00-00:15.07          . Conny Braam with Sonja Barend continued.

. 5.34" Dutch tv Nos news. Night vigil in Soweto for murdered Chris Hani. Public rally to commemorate Hani in Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam with Conny Braam and Jan Pronk.

. 8.30" Dutch tv NCRV on Chris Hani on the day of the funeral in Soweto. Crew follows EC (European Community) observer Dutch police officer Arie Kuyvenhoven; also a member of the Dutch Violence Monitoring Mission to the Vaal Triangle organized by the Dutch AABN and various Dutch police unions.


Tape 179   Varia compilation archive continued

00:02:00-01:09:31          . Campaign ‘Send a message to Mandela’ by AABN. Over 140.000 letters and messages in a number of mailbags are handed over to Winnie Mandela in Soweto on the 16 July 1988 by Dutch old lady Dineke of AABN. A  report in colour.

. 15.12" Dutch tv news (Nos journaal): A report on the campaign Stuur een bericht aan Mandela / ‘Send a message to Mandela’. Shot in AABN office and interview with Bart Luirink of AABN. The item is repeated.

. 20.58" ‘Send a message to Mandela’ repeated see above, better sound, B/W.

. 33.25" Dutch tv, NCRV Document: the documentary  ‘Apartheid voorbij’ / After the Apartheid, with time-code of Ncrv.


Tape 180       Varia compilation archive continued

00:01:00-01:01:20                . Dutch tv: Black cop Roy Lioe-A-Joe interviewed about his experiences in Sharpeville as member of the Dutch monitoring mission of the Dutch Police unions in co-operation with the Anti Apartheid Movement.

. 5.45" Dutch tv news (Nos journaal 14 April 1994). A report from Sharpeville: a funeral, the Dutch police mission, interview with cop Ruben Petow.

. 8.17" Dutch tv  (Nos Jeugdjournaal): a report from Orange Farm on violence.

. 12:13" Dutch tv: Visit of Mandela to the Netherlands, rally at Leidseplein. Mandela introduced by Amsterdam mayor Ed van Thijn, Mandela meets prime minister Lubbers and minister Kok, meeting with queen Beatrix and prince Claus.

. 15.11" Dutch tv (RTL Journaal): President de Klerk in Holland, meets prime

minister, prince Claus, a demo against his visit.

.19.26" Dutch tv news (Nos Laat): Visit de Klerk and an interview.

. 42:48" Dutch tv news (Veronica Nieuwslijn): The return of the exiles. Klaas de Jonge (of Anti Apartheid Movement / AABN) travels with two disabled ANC/MK comrades Zeph Nkomo and Morris Fakuda from Lusaka to Transkei. Interviews also with family and with Chris Hani.

. 53.07" Dutch tv news: About negotiations and future of South Africa. On 56’ an interview with Albie Sachs of the ANC.


Tape 181       Varia compilation archive continued

00:01:06-01:08:00         . Dutch tv news (NOS) on start Malibongwe.

. Dutch tv news (NOS): Mandela soon free.

. Dutch tv news: Malibongwe, some participants visit a Dutch farm with Dorothy Motubatse.

. 6.01" Dutch tv. Interview with Jennifer Ferguson on Malibongwe and performance Ferguson and Thembi Mtshali.

. 18.40" Documentary on capital punishment with some women of Malibongwe

(see for detailed description tape 183).

. 49.35" Dutch tv: announcement of Malibongwe Final Night manifestation.

. 49.59" Dutch tv news (Veronica) The conclusion of Malibongwe, press  conference in Shaffy theatre, interviews with Louise Naude and Gwen Ramokgopa, plus shots of candlelight march.

. 52.18" Dutch tv news: new developments on release of Mandela with Lekota, release of Walter Sisulu, international pressure.

. 55’ About Malibongwe. TV documentary with singer Jennifer Ferguson and

singer / actress Thembi Mtshali in South Africa (their place of birth, youth etc) and in Holland. Continued on tape 182.


Tape 182       Varia compilation archive continued

00:01:00-01:03:28          . Dutch tv with Jennifer Ferguson and Thembi Mtshali in South Africa (1990).

. 15:15" Dutch tv news: Malibongwe delegates arrive at Amsterdam airport, 1990.

. 15.49" Dutch tv news: Winnie Mandela expects release of Nelson Mandela,

background in brief and shots of mailbags from Holland - AABN campaign to

salute and to release Mandela.

. 18’ Dutch tv news: on the arrival of 170 South African women to participate in the Malibongwe Conference in Amsterdam organized by AABN. A group of women visit a farm up country in Holland and tell about women’s struggle.

. 20.25" Dutch tv: interview with singer Jennifer Ferguson on Malibongwe and position of women followed by a performance of Ferguson with Thembi Mtshali - the song My sister breastfed my baby.

. 33" Dutch tv: a program on capital punishment in South Africa: interviews with Malibongwe women in Amsterdam on death row and experiences: with Mildred Lesiea, Victoria Lucas, Maria Hlazo, Treason Tokelo. Also the case of Neo Potsane explained by his father Simon and Joan Cameron.

Program of Humanistische Omroep Stichting


Tape 183       Varia compilation archive continued

00:01:00-01:09:59          Four SABC items by Amsterdam-based correspondent Johan Allers:

. Anti Apartheid Archive - In the office of the Dutch Anti Apartheid Movement (AABN), 1994 with Fulco van Aurich and Fons Geerlings (secretary-general), interviews and images from the AABN video archive.

.  4.45" Old enemies come together - with ANC representative Zolile Magugu and South African ambassador Nothnagel.

. 9.09" Election Day, 26 April 1994 - Casa choir in front of AABN office, various reactions from South Africans.

.14.10" Election 1994 Europe. Reports on voting by South Africans in Paris, Bern, Brussels, The Hague, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv and Bonn.

. 28:25" School TV Actueel, 1980  / Dutch Educational tv Actueel on racism and South Africa with Tania Leon, Thabo Mokoaledi and Lucia Raadschelders who also answer questions by phone of youngsters (e.g. why do young South Africans fight). About the school-campaign of AABN / Education against apartheid; collecting educational material in a specially devised schoolbag.

. 44.42" About the 1982 campaign Omroep voor Radio Freedom (Dutch radio stations support Radio Freedom together with AABN). The arrival of Victor Matlou at Schiphol airport fetched by Fulco van Aurich. Interview with Matlou and showing the new equipment. Video includes an item in the studio of Radio Freedom in Lusaka with three staff-members and with Mafifi Manzini who arranges the programs for women.

. 56.38" Victor Matlou interviewed by Dutch presenter Karel Roskam.


Tape 184       Varia compilation archive continued

00:01:00-00:01:10              . Victor Matlou of Radio Freedom interviewed by Karel Roskam, 1982.

. 18.46" Dutch TV program Televizier on Uranium from Namibia and the role of the Netherlands.

. 43.55" Dutch VPRO TV program Extra by George Vogelaar. Interview with photographer Eli Weinberg and the exhibition with his work in the Amsterdam Tropical Museum. Exhibition organized by AABN, 1982.

. 51.57" Dutch TV Ver van mijn Bed Show.  Eli Weinberg introduced and interviewed by presenter Han van de Meer in the Tropical Museum plus shots of pictures, 1982.


Tape 185       Varia compilation archive continued

00:01:00-00:58:19          . A roughly edited tape by a member of the Casa choir on the visit of Mandela in June 1990 to Amsterdam at Leidseplein. 

. 24:43" Vara tv. -Achter het Nieuws: report on 18 hour visit of Mandela to Holland.

. 32.52" Various CNN reports: Mandela visits Soweto after his release,

on press-curbs in South Africa.


Tape 186       Varia compilation archive continued

00:01:00-00:30:55              . Mandela during election campaign, visit to the venue of youth.

23.20" Scenes just before the inauguration of Mandela from Dutch tv.

26’ South African ambassador to Holland and an South African on the

inauguration and on the reconciliation.

00:00:00-00:28:20          . James Madhlope Phillips & friends- performing at the Berwyn Centre, Nantymoel as part of La Lucha International Festival, March 1987.


Tape 187       Varia compilation archive continued

00:00:30-00:26:48          . SABC, three items on the Maseru raid, 1982.

. 14’ SABC Opinie 51, 30 June 1994.

Polisie, Vriend of Vyand, Suid-Afrika se Martelkamers. Interviews with lawyer Willem van Manen, police officer Gert van Beek and AABN secretary-general Fons  Geerlings on the report Shocking Morals published by the 2nd Dutch Violence Observation Mission to the Vaal Triangle. 

. 22.30" AT5, Amsterdam tv, 14 October 1994. The Anti Apartheid Movement winds down / AABN heft zich op. Interviews with Kier Schuringa, Fons Geerlings and Fulco van Aurich.

 00:02:00-00:33:55         NOB archive

. Dutch tv, 1974. Members of AABN occupy office of tobacco company which breaks the sanctions boycott against Rhodesia plus arrest.

. 2.47" Nos news, 1977. AABN Jacques Meerman reveals military role of Dutch electronics company Philips in South Africa.

. 4.05" Nos news, January 1978. Item on honourary degree conferred to (imprisoned) Govan Mbeki by the University of Amsterdam, accepted by Moeletsi Mbeki, with a shot of Alfred Nzo, interviews with Moeletsi Mbeki and professor de Jong.

. 7.15" Nos news, 1978. Picket line against the execution of Solomon Mahlangu in  front of SAA office in Leidsestraat Amsterdam.

. 7.48" Nos news, 1976. First Soweto march, demonstration against Apartheid organized by AABN and other organizations.

. 9.22" Dutch tv 1975. Manifestation in de Koopmansbeurs in Amsterdam. Event organized by AABN with O.R.Tambo (his first visit to the Netherlands) Conny Braam, Jacques Meerman and Baruch Hirson (ex African Resistance Movement) and a performance of Jabula.

. 14.46" Dutch tv 1974, AABN general secretary Berend Schuitema interviewd on   release of a publication about the (illegal) trade of Rhodesian tobacco.

. 24.40" Dutch tv 1971, item on protest organized by SJ / Socialist Youth and Third  World shop against South African waterpoloteam Springbokken taking part in a contest in Bodegraven. Heated discussions, and a paint and smoke bomb, with a.o. Berend Schuitema, local authorities and professor Verkuyl.

. 33.10" Nos news, 1983. Night vigil in Amsterdam against the execution of      Benjamin Moloise with Buni Sechwale and Fons Geerlings.


Tape 188                  Saying No-Gabarone,1982

Saying No-Gabarone, Medu cultural conference, 1982, by Dutch filmmaker Gerard Jacobs, 31min.

A report from the Culture and Resistance festival, 5-9 July 1982 held at the University of Botswana.

Interviews with and performance from: Hugh Masekela, Wilson ‘King Force’ Siljee, Wally Serote, Mbekwene Theatre Group ‘Cry no more’, Thami Mnyele, Gordon Metz, James Matthews, Nadine Gordimer, Richard Rive, Fulani Poets, Barry Gilder, Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim and the Junction Avenue Theatre Group.


Tape 189                  Magic Garden,1960                

The Magic Garden, B/W, 1960, 62 minutes.

The Dutch subtitled video version of the feature film shot in Alexandra with a complete black cast. The vicissitudes of a stolen sum of money told in a slapstick manner interspersed with unique images of musicans and bands with a.o. pennywhistler Big Voice Jack Lerole and singer/actress Dolly Rathebe. Movie based on an original screen story written by James Brown. Music by Ralph Trewhela and Matome ‘Tommy’ Ramokgopa. Film produced and directed by Donald Swanson.