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April Exhibition (14)

from Thu30.01
till Fri25.04
NL - Leiden - ASC, Pieter de la Court building
Look at you. How do we look at the African continent, and how do they look at us?
Duo exhibition. Frouwkje Smit has been collecting images and text about the African continent from the media since 2008. Smit finds that the way the continent is portrayed is subject to many biased ideas and clichés, and her expanding archive reflects this. In Lagos (Nigeria), photographer Karine Versluis met a number of young women who had come from eastern Nigeria to Lagos to start a new life for themselves. Some of them dreamed of going further, to Europe, because they had heard great stories about it. Versluis photographed the posters that hung above their beds, with images of a perfect and romantic Western world. ascleiden
from Wed12.02
till Thu15.05
ZA - Cape Town - Iziko South African National Gallery
Traces of Ecstasy - Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955-1989)
A provocative, multilayered photographic retrospective. This profoundly personal and political exploration of complex notions of desire, diaspora, and spirituality, imaginatively interprets the boundaries between spiritual and erotic fantasy, cultural and sexual difference. A seminal figure in 1980s black British and African contemporary art, Fani-Kayode’s timeless photographic tableaux make the black male body the focal point of enquiry.  Ancestral rituals and a provocative, multi-layered symbolism fuse with archetypal motifs from European and African cultures and subcultures - inspired by what Yoruba priests call ‘the technique of ecstasy’. iziko  
from Thu13.02
till Sat26.04
ZA - Stellenbosch - SMAC Gallery Stellenbosch
Paperwork - Contemporary South African works on paper
Taking a thematic cue from materiality, PAPERWORK brings together more than 50 works by South African artists utilising paper in different ways across a range of various disciplines and techniques, from literal works such as drawing, printmaking and painting to collage, weaving, folding and digitization. The exhibition includes historical works from the mid-1970’s up until newly produced works from 2014, showing the diverse range of possibilities and influences of paper on art-making and how artists have found unique approaches to engaging with the material. smacgallery
from Wed05.03
till Wed09.07
ZA - Cape Town - Iziko South African National Gallery
A Nomad’s Harvest - a retrospective of photographs by George Hallett
Aspects of a career spanning more than half a century. The works on show are from the collection of George Hallett and augmented by a comprehensive display of biographical information, as well as, book and record covers designed by Hallett. Included on this exhibition, amongst others, are recognisable images of Hout Bay, District Six, the Bo-Kaap, as well as immigrants and gypsies in London. His series of portraits of exiled South African writers, artists and musicians in London and France are of special interest. iziko
from Fri07.03
till Sat03.05
NL - The Hague - The American Book Centre
Ana Ana - Photo Exhibition by Wafaa Samir
Wafaa Samir is a fine art photographer based in Cairo. She’s a graduate from the faculty of fine arts. She didn't study photography but with the help of internet and books she taught herself everything. She now works as a freelance photographer and a photo retoucher. She dedicates her spare time to create personal art projects. Wafaa is also a filmmaker (for the first time in Ana Ana) and a very personal artist. Photography is the way Wafaa has chosen to express herself. As she says in Ana Ana: she likes being behind her camera, where she can see everyone, but no one sees her. She says her camera is like her best friend. abc behance-wafaasamir
from Thu13.03
till Sat19.04
US - New York - Skoto Gallery
Osaretin Ighile - sculpture
Osaretin Ighile’s (Nigeria 1965) work is informed by a sophisticated discourse on traditional philosophical concepts, a deep understanding of the aesthetic and cultural character of the African continent as well as an invigorating inclination and facility with various materials and methods. By inventively handling his material within a formalist sculptural framework combined with a highly developed experimental approach to making art, he creates work that is unorthodox, persistently innovative and encourages us to probe into common elements of the human experience. skoto
from Sat15.03
till Sun08.06
NL - Amsterdam - Huis Marseille
Apartheid and After - 13 Zuid-Afrikaanse fotografen
Laten zien hoezeer het recente verleden de waarneming van nu kleurt. Dat lijkt de rode draad te zijn die het werk van de dertien deelnemende fotografen na 1990 verbindt. Hoe spectaculair de verschillende selecties ook zijn, het is fotografie met een dubbele agenda - maar dan wel een in de positieve zin van het woord. Hier wordt vanuit de kennis van toen nauwkeurig scherp gesteld op het heden - en andersom. Paul Alberts, Hugh Exton, David Goldblatt, Pieter Hugo, Santu Mofokeng, Sabelo Mlangeni, Zanele Muholi, Daniel Naudé, Jo Ractliffe, Mikhael Subotzky, Guy Tillim, Paul Weinberg, Graeme Williams en de Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg. huismarseille
from Fri21.03
till Sun01.06
NL - Amsterdam - FOAM
Multi-media installation: Richard Mosse - The Enclave
Foam presents The Enclave by Richard Mosse, a major multi-media installation which represented Ireland at the 55th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia. The installation, consisting of six large screens, represents the conflict situation in Congo and was shot with infrared film that was designed for camouflage detection resulting in vibrant, psychedelic magenta coloured sites of the jungle war zone. Besides the film installation, related photo works are shown. foam
from Fri21.03
till Sun27.07
DE - Frankfurt am Main - MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst
The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory revisited by Contemporary African Artists
On three floors, one each devoted to heaven, hell and purgatory, works of over 50 artists from all over Africa in a variety of media are presented: paintings, photographs, sculptures, videos, installations and performances. Against the background of the many Africa-related exhibitions of the past years, the MMK perceives the need to investigate the significance of African art not only in the post-colonial context but also with regard to aesthetics. The exhibition concept transports the universal issues of the Divine Comedy, an incunable of European literature, into the present and places them in a transnational contemporary context. mmk-frankfurt
from Sat05.04
till Sun24.08
NL - Berg en Dal - Afrikamuseum
Vrouwen van het water - foto's van Angèle Etoundi Essamba
In deze tentoonstelling nemen we u mee naar Ganvié, een vissersdorp aan de zuidkust van het West-Afrikaanse land Benin. Kenmerkend voor het dorp zijn de woningen op palen, zwevend boven het water van een lagune, het meer van Nokoué. Fotografe Angèle Etoundi Essamba (Cameroun) bezocht Ganvié de afgelopen jaren meerdere keren, ging in gesprek met de vrouwen en volgde hen in het ritme van hun dagelijks leven, waarin water zo’n cruciale rol speelt. Want terwijl de bewoners, de Toffinou, volledig omringd worden door water, is drinkwater schaars. De vrouwen spelen een belangrijke rol in het watermanagement, beheren de grote vaten met drinkwater en zijn uiterst zuinig in het gebruik ervan. afrikamuseum
from Sat12.04
till Sat03.05
NL - Amsterdam - Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
Africa Junctions - exhibition is the result of the photographic project on African cities
Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam – in cooperation with the new project space for art, design and architecture at the Looiersgracht 60 – proudly presents Lard Buurman – Africa Junctions. The exhibition is the result of the photographic project on African cities that Lard Buurman (b. 1969, Netherlands) started in the spring of 2008. Now, six years later, this project has been completed and crowned with the publication Africa Junctions. Capturing the City, published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, including three essays by distinguished writers from Senegal, Nigeria and South-Africa, and an exhibition. lardbuurman smba
from Sat12.04
till Sun30.11
SE - Gothenburg - Museum of World Culture
African Masterpieces - The Story of the Kingdom of Ife
The first exhibition to focus on the art of Ife, an ancient city in modern day Nigeria. The artists of Ife made sculptures from metal, stone and terracotta that have placed the region on the map in terms of world art history. The exhibition displays some of the world's most sophisticated historical art works – more than 100 sculptures of metal, stone and terracotta from the 12th to 16th centuries tell the story of the African civilisation of Ife, ancestors of the Yoruba, one of the largest ethnic groups of modern day Nigeria. The exhibition has previously been on view in the USA, Great Britain and Spain. varldskulturmuseerna africanart
from Fri18.04
till Sun22.06
NL - Amsterdam - De Nieuwe Kerk
World Presss Photo
Start van de lange wereldtour van de internationale persfotowedstrijd. Ruim 150 indrukwekkende persfoto’s van 53 prijswinnaars, in negen categorieën. De bezoeker maakt in de kerk een fotografische wereldreis door alle continenten en langs de meest uiteenlopende thema’s en historische gebeurtenissen uit 2013. De jaarwinnaar is John Stanmeyer, USA, met zijn foto Signal, gemaakt voor National Geographic. Dit mystieke beeld toont hoe Afrikaanse migranten op een strand bij de stad Djibouti met hun telefoons trachten signaal op te vangen uit buurland Somalië. Ook andere foto's met Afrikaanse onderwerpen zijn in de prijzen gevallen. worldpressphoto nieuwekerk
from Mon21.04
till Fri13.06
NL - Den Haag - Nutshuis, Het
Rwanda 20 Years - photographs by Pieter Hugo and Lana Mesić
On April 7th 2014, it will have been 20 years since the genocide started in Rwanda. The international community didn’t take action and the country was obliged to find justice on its own. 20 years later some of the survivors say they have forgiven the people who killed their family members. Creative Court wonders: What could forgiveness be in a genocide context and how would one visualize it? South African photographer Pieter Hugo and Dutch photographer Lana Mesić went to Butare, in the south of Rwanda, in an attempt to find out. Part of a series of exhibtiions and events. facebook-creativecourt pieterhugo lanamesic

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