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van vr12.05
t/m di01.08
NL, Leiden - ASC
Exhibition: Lamu Interiors. Paintings by Karin Voogd
In Lamu, the island on the east coast of Kenya, everybody is building. All this I tried to paint: the self-built houses, men using abandoned houses as a gathering place in the afternoon, the strange heaps of chalk, trees that grow inside a house, the stairs and pilars in old Swahili houses, the sewer-system in the street, bachelor huts that look like tree-houses, attempts of finding the right niru colour on an ancient wall, bare greyish walls build with blocks of coral stone. In the library I will show drawings about the Maktaba ya Sanaa, the attempts I did so far to gather books for an Arts library in Lamu. The exhibition can be seen during office hours in the corridors on the third floor and in the library (ground floor) of the Pieter de la Court building. ascleiden
van di01.08
t/m do31.08
NL, Scheveningen - AFAS Circustheater
Musical: Disney's The Lion King
Afrika ontwaakt. Een nieuwe dag. Een nieuw leven. Welkom in het rijk van The Lion King. Diep in dit kloppende hart van Afrika ligt het grillige pad naar volwassenheid. Voor de pasgeboren leeuwenwelp Simba is de ‘circle of life’ zojuist begonnen. Een adembenemend verhaal over hoop, avontuur, moed en liefde. Volg Simba tijdens zijn gevaarlijke reis en beleef hoe een kleine leeuw uitgroeit tot machtige koning. Met verbluffend mooie decors, prachtige kostuums en de meeslepende muziek van Elton John en Tim Rice. Disney's The Lion King trok wereldwijd al meer dan 80 miljoen bezoekers en won 70 internationale awards. stage-entertainment
NL, Amsterdam - Building 'Op Zeezand'
concert: Shishani & the Namibian Tales
Many worlds flow smoothly together in the unconventional music of Shishani & the Namibian Tales. Vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Shishani combines the little known but rich tradition of her native Namibia with such western influences as soul and jazz. Traditional music from Namibia and other African regions forms the starting point for Shishani’s compositions. She sings her lyrics both in English and Oshiwambo, her mother’s native tongue. Rooted in deep traditions, though partly thanks to unexpected harmonies and rhythms the music of Shishani & the Namibian Tales sounds surprisingly contemporary and refreshing. Photo: Paolo Schneider ontheroof

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