12 September 2007 16:50
In het engels:

Bengt from Harare, Zimbabwe.
Full name Bengt Post.
Songwriter, Keyboard Player, Zimbabwean Music Promoter.

The vital statistics: Dutch national. Internationalist - seven countries, six languages, eleven years in beautiful Africa. Mutliculturalist. Atheist. Fan of Noam Chomsky and Glenn Gould. And of The Roches and Salif Keita, Baba Maal and Robert Fripp, Brian Eno and David Byrne, Gustav Mahler and Dmitri Shostakovitch. Hypocritical Anti-Capitalist. Polluting Environmentalist. Neo-Colonialist in Staunch Denial.

More vital statistics: Wife Assia, of Algerian, Mauritanian, Belgian and Hungarian descent. Two barefooted boys, Sander Salah Madiba, 10 and Daan Saad Thulani, 8. Three dogs: Basil (11) Lab/Mastiff X, Mushe (4) Ridgeback, Egladore (1) red Setter, three cats, Glenn (11), Sigfried and Anna (1.5). Plus erratic hamster, budgie and rabbit population (that's the cats).

More vital statistics: I am building a recording studio on my plot, all natural materials (farm brick, gumpoles, thatch, bamboo, pine and teak. I will exploit it commercially but spend most of my time producing music with a core group of local musicians, in collaboration with international musicians.

My musical interests in the short to medium term as a musician and producer are:

1) Producing ambient/spiritual/alternative/healing music with an ethnic twist as a
composer/keyboard player.

2) Producing world music with a Zimbabwean/African twist - focusing on ethnic/
acoustic instruments from all over the world. I recently recorded a few tracks with
Adam Chisvo on Mbira and Khalid Kouhen of Morocco/France on Tabla and

These are the collaborative types of project that I intend to initiate and participate
in as a musician, producer and sponsor.

I am currently recording an album with Adam Chisvo - Mbira and vocals served on a bed of percussion, drums, bass, rhythm & lead guitar, brass and keyboards.

I recorded the CD Hupenyu Kumusha/Impilo Ekaya/Life at Home with the Collaboration (check or , a group of Zimbabwean musicians that includes Chiwoniso ( Busi Ncube, Adam Chisvo, William Hillman, Mashasha Mujuru, Rodger Mbambo and Charles Summerfield. We played at the Harare International Festival of the Arts, The Chimanimani Arts Festival, Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar. Our video 'Urombo' airs on Channel 'O', pan-African Music Channel.

I am very interested in meeting musicians from around the world for collaborations as described above. I will post some music in the next few days.

Peace to you all you fellow musos. I am a converted former management and economic development consultant - moved from Eagles Life in the fast Lane to Prince's Slow Love! If there are any other converts out there, I would love to hear from you!

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