Mtwapa City

09 January 2011 09:33
Mtwapa, it's one of the few places in Africa where rich and the poor live in harmony. Crime is almost unheard of.

In a shabby food kiosk, you'll find a German, Swiss, Danish or Israeli sampling pilau, biriani, chapati, mchicha or any other Kenyan delicacy, with ease, his camera or money belt on the table. No hustle.

Masai moran salonists openly braid all kinds of hair - The African way.

Both local and international visitors come back to Mtwapa. Carefree, easy life can only be experienced here.

Shops, supermarkets, cyber cafes, food kiosks and pubs operate 24hrs.

Women! Choosing one is actually a problem. We have all sizes, colours and races. Some things are better experienced than read, first hand that is.

Buy a house or any property and in two years or less, the value more than doubles.

The beaches and mangrove are not only beautiful but incredible. Nature at its best; Locals are sociable animals who are more than welcoming.

Pensioners from Europe who live here describe it as a second heaven. Mtwapa is where you can walk in the night in peace, and in absolute safety.

In Mtwapa tourists are not considered as visitors but anticipated residents.

There's everything you need to live ie. In a nutshell, booze, beaches, security (natural) and of course sex is within your reach.

More importantly, the cost of living is reasonable.
To rent a one bed roomed house (a beautiful one), is between Kshs 7,000 & 10,000 (approx $100) for a whole month. For a two bed roomed one, you need about $150. Obviously, if you're interested in living with someone and make your life even happier, you'll find him/her.

Google Mtwapa and you won't find any discouraging story. We, "Mtwapans" don't stop them from writing negative stories but they just aren't there!

Mtwapa now has its own website guide with interactive forums.
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Mtwapa City

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