help for english users

09 April 2013 13:14
The default language of the Africaserver Forum is Dutch.

Once logged in you can change your language setting in your "control center" ("Mijn profiel"), in the menu at the left.
In the control center, search for the menu section labeled "Opties" and click on the link named "Instellingen forum".
The third form element labeled "Taal:" is a dropdown menu where you can choose "English". Then click on the "Versturen" button right below the form and your language has been set to English!

If you do not have a login account you will have to register to post messages and to change your language settings.

You can register using the "Registreer een nieuw account" link.
At the following form you'll see four input fields. Use the first one ("gebruikersnaam") for your username. The second is for your e-mail address and in the remaining two fields you should enter your password for this new account.
All these fields are mandatory.
Then click on the "Versturen" button (send) to receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox. Only after you've verified your registration you can log in to the Africaserver Forum.

Marco Legemaate
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help for english users

marco_legemaate 2561 09 April 2013 13:14

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