This section is dedicated to the guys who make the backing tracks for the emcees. We don't have many producers but there are some good ones out there.

This guy is originally from Zaire and has family in Belgium. I've known him for quite a while and he has gotten steadily better and at the moment was good enuff to contribute a track for the BVK album. He is currently working with darker shades of funk as well as a few R&B singers. An interview was finally held with H on the bush hip hop show in which he previewed 2 cuts from the darker shades project and one R&B cut with a sister named Jerusa. Much strength to him on future projects.

Heinrich is the producer for Native sons and recently dropped a tape with beats called No Beef which contains all original instrumentals cooked up by this up n coming beat maker. More cats need to get down with this type of weapon proving their skill to emcees who are looking for soem nice beats. Real audio coming soon...ish?

Producer for the group Neophytes who unveiled his dope assed track at the last Geto3000 (you can tell that was a dope gig right?) It simply blew me away. He's been getting down with productions for a while now. Having been affiliated with Gravediggaz Porductions. Homeboy can also play a few instruments as well. Self taught, I believe. I'm still waiting for the tape John!