There arent many hip hop deejays in Cape Town, in South Africa for that matter. The primary factor being the price of the turntables. As someone once said, Deejaying is an expensive hobby, you have to be willing to sacrifice. Witht he price of decks and vinyl, you know that you cant afford to be dipped in the fly gear as well. The few deejays that are recognised are as follows.


This guy doesn't need any introduction but for the sake of those visiting this page for the first time, he is part of Prophets of the city. An ardent torch bearer of the hip hop culture, who started as a b-boy so many yers ago. The best deejay in SA at the moment, he also battled in the Techniks World Chanps. Technically no one can touch him, its strange that his reputation has grown emmensely this year. Always a drawing card at any function.


Crazy kat from B-town, this guy is one of the funniest outthere, just bugged out. A good friend, always the entertainer (He'll take control of the mic if none of the emcess impress.) Has a good sense of quality music, is also one of the guys getting deep into the underground part of rap. He's not afraid to break new tracks. His got a soundtrack for a college students' graffiti video project to his credit,and also appeared on a national TV program. Rick is one of the most creative kids that I know, loves to improvise whenever he feels inspired. Always a welcome addition to the radio show.

DJ E-20
The dj for BVK has been in the game for a long time being a proteje of Ready D. He hardly plays gigs anymore but still has the skillz regardless. Was priveledged to play in some clubs overseas when he made trips with POC.


Dre (left) and Rick Thats right it's your truly. I have the basix under raps and get over by playing alot of underground product (this means that not the most popular).I've played more gigs than ever and always fing myself dropping the instrumentals for the freestyle /open mic sessions. On the radio I push the home grown product to the max and keep contact with all groups. I have no affiliation to any particular groups and may I add that I do not own any decks. In the future I hope to collaborate with Rick B on some mixtape/straight up creative type joint.

Really underrated brother from Sons of Kain. He displayed his skillz by getting down on the 1s & 2s during the emcee battle. I dont quite know why he doesnt step to the decks at more jams. For some reason I believe that this guy is sleeping on his skillz/ keeping it on the low, whatever the case may be.

He surprised all of us when he put hands to decks at the last geto3000 event. This boy was getting his little juggling routine together and its clear that he practises a lot. Why he would hide those skillz is beyond me. His also a rhymer with the group NEOPHYTES (see the EMCEES section).