A guide (A-Z) to who got it happening in Cape town

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C. Mills (Arkitechs)
2 transplanted African natives, who spent time overseas come back to their roots. Chiku (see pic) who changes his MC name so many times and Kenny (K-Treble) are the MCs who for a long time have been gaining props and are popular with the ladies. They have a deal with a company in Texas and will pursue that in 98 by recording first solo projects and then an Architechs album. Best of luck.

Or African Rhythmical Creed consist of 3 members, Falco X, Fannie and Steven. Rhyme about serious ghetto problems and dedicated to preserving true hip hop qualities in this day and time of the culture. They also have done quite a few workshops and held some parties for the benefit of spreading the culture.


Old school tape featuring BN in 1990Long standing group, one of the 2 pioneering groups from the "old days". They insist that in order for you to be hip hop you must show all aspects of hip hop. So all four corner stones of the culture are showcased as far as possible. Emile himself admits they are not masters in the field of MCing but their b-boying has gotten them to such places as Germany, where they recently placed 3rd in a competition. Still affiliated with the Zulu nation and continueing with workshops for all the aspects.


Long time homies of the POC camp, the members are Ashley (the FAT MC), Hamma D and Boeta D (actually DJ Akil of POC). I heard tracks from this project some time ago. An album worth of tracks has been completed and they've even shot a video for a song. See the review of the Brasse album.

Brasse vannie Kaap
Brasse vannie Kaap, (back): E20, Boeta D, Hammer, mr Fat,
(front): Cheez, Baby-L, Levi

Black Rhyme Organised Nation of the Khan (respected) Society. This is Preach and partner Suroc, the original freestyle crazy heads, who cause much havoc at shows (especially when tipsy). Nah Suroc got the freestyle skillz down, his style is more humourous than str8t up technical. Beat boxing is also one of his fortes. Once recorded a few backing tracks and were supposed to go in and record vocals. Till this day I dont know what happened.

Are a group str8t outta Ravensmead. The first group of the second generation of hip hoppers to ever record a compilation THE DETONATOR COMPILATION. They are a group of 3 MCs and producers who record and make beats fro many other hip hop artists. They have 3 tapes of material awatiting release and have done numerous live shows. Improving all the time.


Came to the attention of many listeners on the hop hip show over Bush airwaves. This boy has crafted a name for himself by calling in on the show and freestyling over the phone. He has also battled Marco aka Suroc and Mr D.I.Y. It would be in his best interest to start writing some serious lyrics to back his freestyle skills.


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HammaThis is Hamma (pic) and producer H-bomb working as a group, which they started a long time ago, something like 4/5 years? Well they've worked with quite a few peeps but these guys seems to be the core of the group. They have about 7/8 songs ready and these are played on air very regularly. On these songs they collaborate with Les aka Stress and 1 mc from the 5th floor.

This is Gwens group who really impresssed with intellegent lyrics during the golden mic competition held at Bronws cafe. Refreshing to see such a talented but down to earth sista (such a rarity). Her rhyming is laid back but clear without frills or gimmicks a pleasure to see ech and everytime. About to hook up some tracks (the prize for taking 2nd in the competition).

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A new group from Macasar, comprising of 3 youngsters, 2 of whom are 15 and the other 14. They are all brand new to the scene with none of them being into the culture for longer than 2 years. They are being supported and nurtured under the watchful eye of Natural Freaks. No demo yet but have a live radio performance under their belt.

Kenny is studying in Cape Town and has made this his base of operations for now. He has recently returned from a stint in England. Known formely as a member of Architechs, K is currently persuing a solo deal. Known for his deep vocabulary and verocious flow Kenny has major potential although some people say he is a dictionary MC.


Marco aka Suroc
Very visible within the Cape Town scene for a while. First as part of the group Bronks and then with Southriderz, now Marco has gone solo. Already respected as a wicked freestyler, I hope this guy gets his shit in gear and bangs out a few cuts, we are all waiting for them. Also doing graf workshops in his area and writing undre the name of Skuel 1.

My long time associate Denver, resurrected his Mc career after completing his studies and it's good to see that he hasn't lost his flow at all. One of the few who addresses serious community issues. Is very much into the mixing of different musical styles and for this purpose he is working with a live band BOOMSLANG. They have just recently stepped into the sound proof to start recording tracks for an album, to be released on their very own Reptile records. Ultrabezerk already has one demo track to his name - Geto @ sunset. (Review!)

Check out his 97 track 'Mr Devious' in Illegal style... Click here for the whole song in realaudio.

This is the hyperactive member of Natural freaks. Folks think that this dude is all on his on jock, nah man his just super confident. He's recentle moved to springbok ( even further away from Cape town now), but maintains contact with his inner circle.

First came to my attention 2 years ago when they appeared on the Bush hip hop show. The group consists of 2 guys hailing from Macasar, of all places. Mr D.I.Y is the frustrated but enegetic member and Kai the holyman is the quiet philosophical half. To my knowledge the group hasn't released a demo.


The group is comprised of three members ie. JL AZUHL and E.J. VON LYRIC. Formely known as the skitz, all of them hail form the Mitchell's Plain area and have been 2gether for about a year now. JL is better known as John 1, and a member of Gravedigga productions. He has completed his studies in sound engineering and has acess to a studio. E.J VON LYRIC is a sista who wowed the headz when she dropped rhymes in french and took out all the males, so I hear. They have done some live shows including a Geto3000 appearance and also have one demo under their belts. Will release single called "energy" in the near future and plan to work on an album.

The most well known SA rap group and the only ones so far, who have been sucessfully exported worldwide. This crew has been together for ages and have developed the style into something truly unique. Their stage show includes b-boying and scratch dj-ing. One of the best live performers in the world. You won't see them doing any lack luster shows. Shaheen (the Sha killer), DJ Akil/Ready D (see picture), Mark and Ramone have just released their new CD called Ghetto code. They often help with workshops where and when they can. Also read the review of Ghetto Code.

Line up is as follows: Marco aka Suroc, Milkpowder and the man himself Oopdaddy, thats right Ferd himself. They've combined to form this group and are set to drop an EP entitled 'the world is ours', 7 tracks of nutty Cape Town flava. I honestly dont know what to expect from these 3 fools, so I'll have to wait till I get my hands on it.


Street Brothers Pedro and Franny at Momma Dance Studios where Franny recorded 5 songs.

Their name was given by my homes Bowie aka Stake. The crazy contents of this intoxicating (and often intoxicated) group are : Preach and his man MR Festus. Preach has been putting in much work since day one and proclaimed hip hop to be a religion. His skillz have definitely improved in leaps and bounds since I first met him, but he is still being overlooked. Festus hasn't been in the game that long, but surprised us all when he performed at an open mic session and it's been on ever since. At this time they have not recorded any songs.

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