Geto or street culture has no fixed address and you can't use a map to find it, whether the street is in the South Bronx or Cape town, South Africa.

Even the South African hip hop head (HHH) may never have been further than a few city blocks, but he/she knows about the mix of B-boying,rapping, scratch dj'ing and grafitti, born in New York, wrapped in a youth spawned culture, called hip hop. This is mainly because they've heard about it thru the media (TV, radio and to a certain extent, magazines that have nuthin to do with the preservation of the culture ).

Advertizing a POC concertBasically hip hop can be described as a child with 2 parents, african heritage and japanese technology, although there are numerous influences which we won't discuss right now. That's right I wrote African Heritage, cause that's exactly were it came from. Now many people tend to think that the culture in its pre-american form migrated, wrong!!! When the slaves were stolen from Africa, they were not given a choice about the matter or invited to go on the journey. THEY WERE STOLEN! and along with them, the culture. Who stole the soul?

In Cape Town itself, the modern form of the culture has existed for about 14 years, give or take a few months. May I add that we haven't had a visit by any major artist, besides Fugees. The question is, do we need this visit? Don't look at me for the answer. I firmly believe that this culture can and will blow up, contrary to what others may say. We need to organise our efforts and unify, not only South Africa but the rest of Africa. So this will be the main focus of this site, South African and African hip hop. My other favourite music happens to be undaground/indi hip hop, so expect to see some of that flava soon.

Big Dre.