Time could see this with 1.5S ON 3RD EYE

what a relief this, as that fist upon wrist
approach was soon, as in stuffriders platoon endangered
fol like bads on hot sunner afternoons/in danger
come check! virus under the mental state
populating your CELLS, uninvited like the 28
dont debate, just begin, bring negative reaction
like zombie under the skins
intensity central, in city, necessity
darkgreen present feeling
A.D. year, Ansley here
focus & picture this standing ovation from anti-lyrist
thus my existence assured of deliverance
in future tense, sense friction of thoughts where you dwell
if your mind excells in this subconscious hell,
as well as commencing ,comunicative, creative pain
Ansley gains access to emotiveness once again
so abstain from the microphone dick or needle
mid-evil sequel had me lost like Feevel
but the rerun got the relapse strategy
with a combination of artillery
verbally ,i left their sherismic like my man FX
elaborate version of ideas to heighten the efx
concepts to perceive not to be deceived by exaggeration
reality no lynguistical sensation
misunderstood so I feel the coals get warmer
plus the stake is bolted and the chains are stronger
physically , but neva ever stronger mental
ha ha just dissed them like the digital
cause your boogie has to change like the digable
and yes , yes y'all the best of all time
and you aint heard nuthin to you heard my rhyme
gain respect for this here like beatbox in '89

stuffriders - kids riding on the outside of trains
Fol - full
bads - pronounced buts (meaning public baths)
28 - is the number given to homosexual gangsters
Feevel - cartoon series about a mouse