Fucked up fake shit

If you wanna battle come with written script leave the bitten shit
and corny punchlines, I'm sick of hearing cunts rhyme
I stick em constant without parental consent
packing mental content for those forever on some non-sense
label me verbally tenacious
you heard of me through strangers
I murder kids on stages
purposely my pen spits perverted words on pages
Insidious certainly amazes
when I burn MC's like siphilis or lazers
stun em in 1st, 3rd worst degree with tazers
Star trek style
past ex-file theories
God blessed the child so fear me
most pros cheer me
hear the vocals clearly
dope flows provoke foes.beware the
cape flats stalker
great rap author
tape deck sorceror
protraying that talker
who talk the talk..walk the walk
fighting the devil fork to fork
I caught the thought.of course I'm sought
of unstoppable
like Nato bombing kossovo
I wash the brain like a prime time opera show
the mind shines, watch the glow
might blind your opticals
imposters will find it impossible
to stop the flow
crossing borders to where your mind can't absorb this
b4 u overload ..lemme hit you with the chorus

CHORUS-why is it everybody..all this fucked up fake shit's
driving me crazy (times 2)

Verse 2
I know of relevant elements such as melanin
and evil compelling men even thieves in the government
I know a lot of men are vulnerable to sin
on a scale of 10 to 90, I'm a 100 times 10
nothing fake, what will it take to show you what fake is
the opposite of real...don't mistake it
Fake is a fake Rolex with fake silver straps
Fake is a bunch of wille cats who deliver raps
which they copied from fake tapes from overseas
Fake is somebody under peer pressure smoking trees
Fake is quoting dope MC's to impress or cope with peeps
who appreciate poetry
Fake is a BMW with a BMX engine in the road I see
Fake is a snake who's suppose to be close to me
or saying Devious I support you, but can I have a cd or a poster free

CHORUS (times 4)