"Geto @ Sunset"
Darkness falls over the place where I live in
a public zoo , fridaynights about to begin
end of the month people getting on & off trains
where they going straight home if they got brains
the gangsters on the corner with the shiny blade
he's waiting for you to come cuz he knows you just got paid
the kids waiting for moms to bring clothes
while dads drunk in the yard, playing dominoes
money scarce , so the eldest had to drop out
to pay for the rent, the M-net & help momma out
the others rush home for opentime's loving
to see the rich & the bitch & the daily huggin
while on the otherside of this beautiful mountain
CD, Porshe and a pool with a fountain
the rugged & rich , what they want they gonna eat
while we sitting empty freezer, broken fridge & no meat
well does it matter, yes it does but we dont cry
becuz tommorow somehow we gonna get by
the yuppies checkin out a club he hasnt been to yet
but me , i love the geto @ sunset

cape town city is the city I claim , but I love the geto@sunset
cape town city is the city I claim , but I love the geto , the geto

the smell of smoke in the alleys , fill the air
the shebeens fulla people with blank stares
a door slams , a baby cries, the parents fight
while the rich get ready for a cool night
boys & girls in the geto getting drunk & laid
and in the morning dont know what the fuck they made
the youth rots in the hood cuz they dont know better
they ambition ,a gangster with a Berreta
and as I refer to the otherside
a kid with a Tv and a phone in his own ride
and it dont mean a damn thing to me
cause they the ones doin coke and LSD
and then they try to blame it on a black kid
Man ...dont have the money to waste o that shit
but as i go on fridaynight the weekends warm
pass the bottle get drunk & watch your friends perform
have a party pump the music & lets begin
becuz tommorow its the same thing ove again
I'm not trying to kill the good vibes
I'm telling it like it is cuz I live in the same tribe
so brother if you lovin this moe is what you gonna get
yo, I love the geto @ sunset


roll of the dice, flick of the knife, shot of a gun
as the gangs get ready for some action
theres the congregation, organisation nagotiation...huh
they need no persuation
theres the running, the shoutin & then the sparks flying
swords dragging on the ground and many dying
the gunshots 1,2,3,4
no its not the cops cuz thy'll just kill more
we dont need em ,cuz they always so fuckin late
and in the geto thet the ones that people love to hate
cuz they too busy protecting they're own kind
or beating up on drunks, strollers or who-ever they find
and if you think I'm making up a pack of lie
take a train to a township , we'll see who survives
cuz no ones got problems like brothers in the hood
acting like its cool when they do no good
yo , all it was supposed to be was nuthin but a party
now ya mommas at the bed to identify the body
this goes out to my brothers who be lying dead
rest in peace ,I love the geto @ sunset

M-net - SA TV channel thats shows the latest movies
opentime - M-nets daily 2hour viewing period
Loving - soapy from US
shebeen - place where drugs and alchohol is sold illegally