KAMAFLAGE SQUAD (Grahamstown, S.A.)

KWAME, The DonPolitique:

Word is bourn
Only astronaut returning from the twilight zone
My lyrical strategies can only be defient
In the holy wars I was teh only warrior that was valiant
Inflicated crazy torture
So I can haunt ya
Enveloped your eyelids so you can dream my caricature

You can't even claim to be worthy competition

Don't you know why they call me the man of demolition
Its coz I initiated the full court press
On all the mcs that test
You wanna know how I stopped them
I put bullets through their chests
Resassitated them so I could ask how they feel
Thet concurred I shot with the intention to kill

politique records
all lyrics written by KWAME aka DEMOLITION MAN aka DON POLITIQUE


For centuries my knowledge was neglected
the art of communication has finally been perfected
by a black entity which remains undetected
to radar and satellites
slept with both eyes open for several fortnights
with my boots on
prepared for combat
the revolution shall commence when Fidel calls me
In fact I build nations of Islam
my palm
rough from warfare
brothers are entitled to the wisdom that I share
with the gods in my tribe
affiliate with the cause and get fitted for your size
in army fatigues tailored in Havana
lined with intricate grammar
so stand up
the mission to interrupt
the plans of ignorance
I mobilize my central intelligence
and breed a large colony
to house my seeds, my old earth and wisdom god body Institutes of learning to reverse the lies spread to descendants of Shabazz
the 36th chamber is the last class
who rubbed off the black face on the Turin shroud
my thoughts ring loud
in the minds of strong N.I.G.G.A.S. New
intelligent great godly authentic suns
remove words like guns,
alcohol and hate from your vocabulary
I rhyme by any means necessary

------- Shallah
Black the good son

8-Roc 101:

Yo, I blow the spot like Challenger
So who wanna battle a
Emcee of the highest calibre
Test me and I'll damage ya
Coz I came out swinging like Slazenger
Got the sharpest tonuge, I set in stone, my style's Excalibur
I spot the hardest lungs, disect they domes, my mic mishandle ya
My prose is
like primate osmosis
No denial, it enter, ya spinal center
ya fate is hopeless
I git through, and split you, call it emcee
MC (eMCee) squared is my verbal process
I fix a curse,
through scriptures versed, and posted
I rehearsed ya death, reversed
ya breath, with doses of halitosis
Fatally laced, that displace, ya space, composed with Structures, ionic, that rupture, ya flows to a
stutter, in moves bionic
Kasparov couldn't solve my strategy with his
eye on it
My saliva filled verbal Molotov left him myopic
With my last move I proved I ryme sonic
Calculate my ryme get verbal wise
like Deep Blue in focus
Tight set herbal eyes creep through opponents
Mind design ya death in nanomoments, my modus Operandi confuse
ya third eye like strips of Mobius
I fold those who (w)rap, like Christmas cards
Break ya hand when giving dap I be the most vicious
I seen you wishin hard
Stuck a cork in the genies lantern so quit ya visions of My demise yer eyes coudn't spy my gifted squad
Camoflaged/ we perfected, godd communication like prayers
Emcee injected, speech that reach more peaks than Himalayas
Time travel couldn't delay us
historically we famous
Played chess with the greatest pharisees
Laid next to Cleopatra while she charished these
Went bowling with the Romans before I ambushed Ceasar then sparred
Gengis Khan with one arm and seized
a portion of the 8 million Asiatic horsemen, degreed
In stealth techniques and death moves at light speed
Moved west to catch the Turks on the eve of Eed
Politiced on the scrolls of old stolen from Greece Swapped a ryme for the Golden fleece
Designed tha Trojan Horse piece by piece
For a one night stand in the hands of the emperors niece
Travelled to the garden of Eden and on my arrival Helped the formless voice script a survival
Guide, disguised as my word penned and final
Find the bond off my palms in the psalms of the bible.

-8roc aka Ezra K.


A yo i just untangled the double helix
located mutations conversed in prefix
wid dat cat be felix
infrared surveillance couldn't see this/ heat seekin'
provoked the bitch's homicide screamin'
enticed her stealin'
angel contracts I'm breaching
my dick just seeped in
there ain't no other
intact from birth the classic culture
the hymen vulture
lamo is out-ta
get my mack on
launch the sermon
it's on
one phrase her spirit i own
broken into more times than the sub-urban home
aborted more copies than cellular ribosomes
for fame
dynamics i tame
bring the rucus I'm game
I hustle ya just the same
all efforts in vain
she comes in pain
away like the train
authorities insane
who's to blame I'm audi
i just blew the spot like KA-BLOW!! gee

DOUBLE-E The Anti-Logical:

Ma style you couldn't hack if you were Bill Gates,
I intertwine thru nine states and vowed ta kill-fakes,
(M)y (I)ntelligent (B)rain, earns mo' dividends than Will makes,
If you stole ma rattle and rolled
ma milk would still-shake,
Ma rhymes rock you like Granite
connection link, hand-mic,
You couldn't perform if you was Jamaine, LaToya and- Mike,
I'm more Inter than Pole
Summer or winter/ I control,
When I enter
you fold
couldn't begin-ta
if you enroled,
Ma flows algebraic
updated: your shit's archaic,
You couldn't piece together ONE rhyme, if you studied mosaics,
I ADD a flavour
SUBTRACT emceez on sum wack behaviour,
MULTIPLY your labour
if your aim's ta DIVIDE this "dark" Vader, Ma
lethal Dosage
you couldn't contain if you was Mass, Juss like that
ho' said
" He split ma lips and smacked ma ass"
This is world class
you couldn't graduate if you passed,
I forecast
even if you were immortal, you wouldn't last,
I bet I couldn't reach you
if I spoke in vernacular,
Bet ya pappa couldn't leech you
if his name was dracula,
Your entire style is see-thru
like tonsil scans with a spatula,
Ma arrow-tip more lethal
than heads on indain p-ple,
I rule both tha first and tha sequel
f**k Rocky,
No fake mountain can stop me
causin' quakes when I drop-these,
with tighter (w)raps
than gifts,
Ma sniper-attack
saps biker-packs
and shifts
Techtonic plates
I see more bills than Gates,
Even that statue hailed great
at "Thinking" couldn't conteplate