Struggle kontinues
The struggle kontinues, cause fake MC’s suck still the tend to
Juggle the menues and jock all the trends u
Can get and bit and chewed their naked lunches
Crews are taking punches, hallucinating some just
Never learn, cause they be just flavourless
Forever burn, in the dangerous grey abyss
Of your plagiaristic, major twisted concepts
Are you afraid to risk it, or is it in your record company conctracts
To be a follower instead of a leader
Now you’re a borrower and u need to feed ya
Conscience with consciousness
I drop the bomb since nonsense just
Floods the market
But the prophet
Resent the reps and rhymes of those who represent with techs and nines
And sex and mindless texts and I’m just vexed and find this
Frustrating plus stating
It’s a tug of war a struggle for
The real deal.

My sonic message is like comets from Khemit knowledge uncensored , harmonic bombs with anti-demonic phonetics
in my garden of Eden
Adamant and nave is starving and bleeding Arrogance and deceit and robbing and thieving
Are means to survive, I seem to devise
Money and dope is sacred, were motivated by hatred Hope and faith gets raped in this snake-pit
I made my vote with an X, hope for the best
Cope with the stress, broke like the rest
Of my people, where the beats feeds and eat through Deseased streets to deceive you
He who has guilty feelings have no rhythm
Behold the pale horse, Im pro wisdom
Some say eloquence is relevant to intelligence
They must be anti the melanin element