Can money buy you

Make sure your vision don't blur
what I start could make collions occur
show me a way to persist without the use of liquor
I scope the block and what I see is people acting sicker
immoral acts is what affetcs us, is what I figure
so now you cocking heat, plotting deceit
popping the weak till they drop on the street
survival tactics..that's the only shit that we need
we caught up, ultimately we're six feet deep
so if I die, I pray to God that my seeds proceed
in Cape Flats, fake cats face death indeed
some attempt to escape these streets with speed
to no avail, the townships will track your trail
you'll be back in jail and as this fact prevails
I wonder: can money buy you
or will you die too
leave these blocks, I bet you'd never try to

CHORUS-Die for the money, some people will
lie for the money, some people will
steal for the money, some people will
kill for the money, can money buy
Work for the money, some people get
jerked for the money, some people
hate for the money, acting like
snakes for the money

The only way to survive here is to deny fear
keep your mind clear
open your ears. in other words be aware of what surrounds you
who surrounds nobody is what this amounts to
never try to do what those clowns do
keep your focus in view
even if you have to deviate from the peeps you knew
and how deep's your crew
what is the street's to do
when your walks are stalked in the blocks you dwell through
you are not alone, there are others in hell too
when u do crime , yo what compelled you?
guess you fell to the decline of life's value
that's what the media sell you
the lesson's you learnt when your taanie skelled you
no matter how hot, the streets can melt you
does m.o.n.e.y. got you under a spell too??

I'm in over my head
feeling closer to death
everywhere I look there's hardly anyone sober that's left
I look at there face and I see my people pain
in different places , including Mitchell's plain
some people wanna be victims, others maintain
some are on a mission to act insane
so when the screetches of Hokkenheims spark
and the rottweilers bark,
you know the block violence start