Champion sound

Verse 1
My perogative's invent with positive intent
I'm oppposite of weak men
In the streets, to have fun's hard when guns bark
and the sun's dark
we stay indoors and hold open mic seminars
the night summons narcs
in the darkness a marksman walks. Cape Flats stalks
shots are fired and tape decks pause
where I'm from you might face death by force
go down on your all fours
know your rights , study the laws
to the pigs, lick the blood from your paws(pores)
the rebirth's here. there's nothing we fear
we persevere through the hard times. inspired by what is us
we love to hear the heart God we trust
as I depart from the blind it's a must
that I acknowledge my 3rd eye and use mine
in these times of struggle.betrayal and confused minds
you can't be too kind, cause it's a new time
with new ways and satan stays two faced


I'm stipulating situations to water your optics
got me to a point where I'm calling all cops pigs
who shit kids!?
leaving the streets deseased now the block's sick
we're under attack rudebwoy and they won't stop it
still it's hard to see the enemy befriending we
engaging in absorbing our energy, can it be
the man in me speaking his heart
I'm deep in this art
forever till infinity reaping my part
not even death can do me apart from rap, cause I'm a b-boy
I rhyme and destroy a decoy
see bwoy you'll find me lamping in hell
where real champions dwell
forever till infinity this man shall rebel


I refuse to honour Satan's an abomination
plus it's hard to see these heathens trying to con my nation
via devide and rule the common combination
I'm out to rob a corporation
bringing hip hop to the population
I'm sick of watching kids drop on the block
like I'm sick of watching crooked cops rocking the spot
like I'm sick of kids get kicked whenever or where ever
they get caught with a stop
I'm sick of watching mice turn to men when they walk with a glock
so you decide..if this paragraph is awkward or not......