Prod: Shaheen, Ready-d, I Ariefdien

After much delay due to stolen artwork and what not, the album finally drops. And the one question on everyone's mind is was it worth the wait. Well for those of you who could not attend the album launch, let me take you on a quick tour of Ghetto code. Check the title , so you know who it's geared toward, right?
Ok this is not an album of all new material. Some tracks previously heard incl "Motherland Funk" and the lyrically dope stylings of "Wild Styles" to bad about the shitty mix. Tracks that get right down to business are "Heyta da", "Net 'n bietjie liefde", "Who's in the house" and "The roof is on fire" (an ode to the old school and the start of hip hop in Cape Town).
Serious selections on Ghetto code in my opinion are "Feel the vibe", a solo track on which Ishmael shines. It is by the way an r&b flavored song with slick production and a wicked chord change towards the end.
The heavy hitters are undoubtably "District six". Ready's heartfelt rendition of his life, growing up in this neighbourhood. If you didn't feel that one, you need your brain checked. "Cape crusader" is Shaheen's solo over a jazz flavoured backing, that allows him to flow quite comfortably about topics like the shady industry etc., while at the same time giving up props to the city he was born in.

I don't know about other people but this is more than satisfactory, even better than that. Well how good is it? Let me tell you I had a copy of Mr murray's "the Enigma" and "Ghetto Code". I sent Mr Murray back to the lab and kept Ghetto Code in the deck. Just lovely, they definately improved over the last couple of years, their sound is totally unique and a good indicator of what you can do if you commit youself to hard work. Pick this up and support home grown talent.