Label OFFICIAL / RAWKUS ENT, Prod: El-P, Dj Mr Len, Big Jus

The minute the needle hit the groove, oh yeah I got the double vinyl , djs dream huh? Anyway like i was saying the first track starts with this female telling you that its not right for strangers to touch you private parts. The music is on some eerie/ moody type vibe with horns that help to complement things nicely.. Lyrically Big Jus kicks lines like "hardcore like Kool G Rap music made for concert pianos" Oh shit! (jumping up and down) Tell me you got that? He's sayin his shit is hardcore like Kool G's ,at the same time he saying his shit is CLASSIC. And thats just one line. Rap music hasnt been making me feel good lately. Maybe I'm getting too old for this. Nah, I'm just not falling for the latest gimmicks. But this is restoring my faith. Other tracks that get the seal of approval are : legends/ Lune tns (one of my favourites)/ tragedy of war/ corners (where thay freak a blaxploitation sample to devastating effect)/ infi kill 2/ 8 steps/ vital nerve/ population control. Hold on thats 10 cuts right there and the whole album is 17 joints deep. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Pick up the album. Why ? Cause Company flow got it down on all fronts. Originality, lyrics (some of the best moments are when they dissing the iron lung or when one of them says "what bitch you boxing shadows", production (El-P goes bonkers on 'the fire in which you burn' check the beat alone), topics (they even cover family problems on 'last good sleep'). This is hot, go get your copy NOW!!!!



On the underground level like the tree roots, Rawkus is continuously making noise with the product that they release. On this comp you get to hear tracks from the top underground artists on the rawkus roster, like Mos Def, Company Flow, Reflection Eternal and the Indelible MC's. But the lesser known catrs also give up some great cuts check for RA the rugged man, B-one, L-Fudge and especially Shabaam Sadeeq. Productionwise this album offers the best of the unearthed and overqualified eg he insanely fresh El-P, the master of quiet beats Shawn J. Period as well as Dj Hi-tek. The tracks are all skillfully blended mixed and scratched by Beatminer, Evil Dee. He doesnt go overboard with the talking or scratch routines so most tracks are not affected. This is a underground headz dream, with tracks like "lune tns" and ill cats like Sir Menelik on the mic you'll be the happiest kid on the block. El-p comes off hella nice on the production for "nightwork". With Dj Akil (P.O.C.) startig to dig this , fools nationalwide will be feeling this soon.