Prod: JZ , J-GROOVE, SHOCK G, PORCH MONKEYS. Ichiban Records

Have to admit that I'm a big fan of Mr No No's alias and if you dont know who I'm talking about the first track "I'm Saafir", will set you straight. Its crazy but I hear some cats in california have never heard his shit. His last album realeased a while back , was BOXCAR SESSIONS. Its was filled with tracks sporting his unique off beat flow and inserts by the rest of the Hobo junction click. Trigonometry is welcomed with open arms. From the first track, the new album suceeds with a higher bumpability factor, MAJOR KNOCK keeps that momentum, but the album truly hits high gear from GOIN HOME , all the way thru STAY HIGH, JZ THEME, SENDING YOU SIGNALS and finally STREET SCENE. You also get IN A VEST and the remix of JUST RIDIN. Personally I think the producers provided the fiends with enough dope beats to OD on. They manage to come up with a sound called town/junction funk, that is pretty consistant thru'out the duration of the album. Mr No No aka Saafir is left to spit playalistics and rep the city of Oakland in the united states of mackin. I just cant get enough of this shit. One thing, with such a dope album why didnt he put out on a better label. Unfortunately I dont think Saafir will get those overdue props just yet. Buy this while you wait for his next major label release.


Prod: Left Sided/ Mass Men Productions. Ocean Floor rec.

This EP is aptly titled, in that this material isnt exactly new as its been released a few years back in cassette format. So you are left to go and dig up these tracks like archeologists. Abstract Rude himself is no stranger to those who check for left sided artists from the left coast. Abs music covers socially relavent topics and experiences of the blackman from a unique perspective. Rude has this off centre way of stringing his words and thoughts together that may leave some headz in a spin. The sing/rap baritone style he showcases, is unique to him, for real ,no one else out there sounds like this cat. Theres 5 full length compositions on the EP the rest are interludes covering anti governments stances and a thiefs last lecture etc. This is the type of music that you feel more than just hear. The rest of hip hopdom will be like "what the fuck ?" I dont think that abstract is flexing to full capability here but he does offer one of the many styles he has to offer. Check SLOW LIGHTS, LOOKING GLASS, YESTERDAY AND TODAY, WHOS MIC .., and THESE LIONS. A must for those who lust for original material and fans of the blowdians.