Prod: DJ Premier & Guru. Noo Trybe/ Virgin

For the "purist", hip hop has become downright depressing, fools are doing albums with lackluster tracks and labels encourage artists to sellout for the loot. Quite simply they not doing what they should, i.e giving us straight up hardcore hip hop joints. Well just when you thought you'd starve to deaf, along comes Gangstarr with that new plate, that will do more than just satisfy that craving. Premier hits with a healthy dose of beans & rice/ meat & potatoes, you know, staple foods as opposed to "Puff" pastry & cake, and Guru weaves street episodes with advice and gems of wizdom akin to the "step" album. According to yours truly those ingredients make for a slamming meal. Its weird that these "old" cats have to show all you johnny come latelys how it should be done. The superia tracks include, ABOVE THE CLOUDS, THE MILITIA, BI vs FRIENDSHIP, ITS A SETUP, U KNOW MY STEEZ, MAKE EM PAY and the title track. The album features many of the foundation partners eg Krumb Snatcha, Hannibal, Big Shug as well as guest appearnces by Scarface, M.O.P. and Rebel INS. My bomb joint on hear is ROYALTY ft K-Ci & JoJo wher premier kills it on production & scratching, I was suprised that this combination of hardcore hip hop with R&B actually worked so well. Its back to basic with devastating payoffs and no one could do it better than Gangstarr.


Prod: Organized Noize, Mr DJ, Others. La Face/ Arista

This is the first album of Goodie Mo.B that I've ever heard. Some cats from Oakland had been at the radio station and said that this was their favourite. First of all the production is different from anything out there at the moment. Organized Noise concoct the same sound they used on Outkast's ATLiens. Even group members T-mo and Ceelo try their hand at production and suceed in cpoying that southern guitar twang wiht the skillful keyboards. All I can say is man its tight. Not every track got my attention though but these did , THE EXPERIENCE, BLACK ICE ,THEY DONT DANCE NO MO, BEAUTIFUK SKIN, I REFUSE LIMITATIONS, STILL STANDIN , SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU and INSHALLAH. The combination of original tracks and thought provoking comments makes for a damn fine album. Goodie mob may not be the most popular group but they are for damn sure one of the most necessary.