This was dropped at my door courtesy of Dj P-Minus, the man at ATAK distributing. Site of underground support and stockist of everything rare,weird and wonderful in the hip hop music realm. I'm talking innovative, original music here. Although P aint the man on the decks, his self confessed erm...lack of skills, is what makes the tape a must have. You know how some deejays be cutting up lovely on the track but it breaks the flow and makes it so unlistenable? You wont find that problem on here. I'd like to thank Paulie for feeding a starving underground head. He put me onto tracks like L*RONEOUS - the "L" perspective, GOD COMPLEX - strontium 90, SELF SCIENTIFIC - run the depth, JAKE ONE - no introdeezee, THIRD DEGREE, FOURFIFTHS, HAIKU DE TAT and those 2 dope instrumental tracks, in the form of LIVE HUMAN, with "for the birds", a concoction of cello samples and dope scratching. DREAM SEQUENCE come up with 'stages of light" a cut where they create a twisted pledge of allegiance. They show incredible skill at cutting in words with precision and the scratching is enuff to make any deejay give up...shit is nice. If anything these tapes serve to show that the underground scene has so much more to offer than sample looped monotony and tired beats. If you looking for something fresh check out www.truehiphop.com/atak. The site goes down often so check it more than once or twice. BRAG ABOUT IT, PLAY IT, LOVE IT !!!!!!!



Canada's Raskalz step up to the plate after years of paying dues (demos) and an educational deal with the industry. The album clearly shows that they've developed their own style. Emcees Misfit and Red 1 dont evoke comparisons to any other rappers and Kemo takes charge of layering backtracks and turntable trix. Cash Crop offers different styles of the Raskalz, some slow and thick beats like DREADED FIST, NO IDEA and CHAT BOUT. Other selections are more amped, like NORTHERN TOUCH ,featuring Choclair Kardinal and Thrust over the same beat freaked by DMX but Raskalz make better use of it. SOLITAIRE rmx is a dope track that starts off the album and CLOCKWORK, BLIND WID DA SCIENCE and SHOCK THERAPY are all wicked tracks whose lyrics exclude the tired topics of excessive cussing and gunplay. FITNREDI gets my vote for tightest track, with its looped string section and lovely sampled hook courtesy of Jeru "when I plan my attack, I doubt that you're ready". The success of Cash Crop lies in the no nonsense, Jamaican accented rhymes of the emcees and Kemo's productions that dont imitate anything from the US. Miles better than most of the backdoor trots being excreted by most American labels, so appreciate CREATIVITY no matter where its from!!!!!!!!!!!