Alright y'all this is some ish you not ready for. Three pieces of vinyl from west caost artists but not the gangsta flava. OD (the guy who put this whole comp together), jumps outta nowhere and enlists the dopest and most slept on unsigned westcoast affiliates. You would recognize most of them as being from sector 21310. Styles upon styles upon styles is what this about. Where an independent gives all of them the space to flex on their own terms. No limitations and no creative constraints. I
cant really say that i hate anything on here but I definitely enjoy some tracks more than others. Alien Nation concocts the perfect intro (title track as well), indian chants and all. Next is Acey & Self Jup telling their story about WHEN THE SUN TOOK A DAY OFF, this track is growing on me all the time. Wigs truly get blown on YOU ARE IN MY CLUTCHES, a solo cut by P.E.A.C.E., WHAT UP , SUNNY SIDE UP, BUSTMUSTJUSTUS, (IN)SENSE are some mad flavaful songs maybe the best I've heard in a long while.

But its the Brothers Manifesto who took me to that spiritual level with LINE POSTING FROM PEDRO. Here they intro themselves by singing (proper like not no off key singing) and then flow over a slowed down tempoed
track thats just too blissout for words. Much props to Papa J Smoov you came off!.
Od orchestrates the whole project lovely and gets much dap for the high standard of the finished product (for sending me a copy of this too). All underground fans support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!