Ay this guys voice is familiar. Oh yeah this is that guy from Dayton Family, whatshisname, Ira Dorsey. How long has it been since I heard that debut of theirs. Thats beside the point. Here we focus on homeboys solo album. Gotta let you know that I'm not hating it. Althought the subject matter is nothing new, these selections still caught my attention. The title track, "celebrate" is where Bootleg celebrates the perks of attaining cheddar by illegal means. There's an interlude midway thru
this song after which the track changes for the last verse. Some unexpected shit and nice too.
"Zoom" is a slow paced ode to blunt smoking and here tha soul influence overruns the cut complete with guitar licks a nice bassline and even some singing in the hook, that makes me wanna dig up all the souls greats.
A surprise guest in the form of Ras Kass pops up on "Sophisticated Thugs", needless to say this gives the album a bit of a boost. Breed creeps up on "No Future" and "Setup" unfortunately is the last song that could hold my attention before the tired gangsta, sex and drugs theme became too much to handle. Homey does have some type of story telling abilities though but honestly nothing has changed except his name. Lets see if this one moves the rest of the hip hop kingdom.