RAS KASS - Soul on ice

Prod: Bird, Flip, Voodu, Battlecat, Artist

This is one mc who really generated interest when he dropped "Remain anonymous" all those years ago (where can I get a copy?). Ever since, those into complex lyrical abilities have eagerly awaited this album while the rest of hip hop-dom did a rip-van-winkle. I can personally say that he had me open on "come widdit" from the Streetfighter soundtrack. We used to have major arguments about who was the dopest, Saafir or Ras.

Upon receiving this advance tape, I have to say I had mixed feelings. Soon however I realised that every song coincides with the title of the album, which is also a book by Black Panther, Eldridge Cleaver. This was a shrewd and calculated move by Ras who balanced the album to the point of perfection. He has something for the hardcore lyricist "Miami life" and "Etc", something for those who do the knowledge "Nature of the threat" and for the hood dwellas, "Marinate" and "Drama" to name but a few. Ras aka John Austin displays mic skillz of the highest order and some of the dopest punchlines as well "I'll put my foot so deep in your ass, the water from my knee will quench your thirst". He manages to reflect the conflict in every man who is trying to do the right thing, exposing the good vs bad fight and reveals that he is all too hue-man and prone to make mistakes like the rest of us.
Even when the subject matter or music seem to walk the line always listen to the lyrics as in "Anything goes" the underlying message here speaks on the shady moves of the government. So take the time to listen to what he is saying and you'll be rewarded with an above average album. A well written and thought provoking album belying Ras's 21 years on the planet. Definitely not for the brain washed masses..