Can you remeber tha last time that you listened to some material by an unknown artsist? I'm tellin you to check for this sh*t though! Its 6 cuts deep with an intro and instrumental worth of self production. "Sugar hell no" is a bumping track where Tajai from Souls of Mischief, helps out talking on how the honeys ans fellas always wanna take you for all you got. Homies want to borrow your ride, be on the guestlist at gigs, and the shorties want the usual jewels and expensive grub! Quam and Tajai break em all off a lil somethin thats hella funny.
Other cuts of note are SUPERSTAR IN YOUR TOWN, JUST RAP PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE and CIVIL MICS. Quam has a few guest to help share the mic duties Swahili, King Asaad Clever Jeff and Defari make an appearance on this album a solid (although short) debut. Swahili and Quam have nice chemistry on the 2 tracks that they lace i.e. PASSIVE AGRESSIVE and JUST RAP. The latter is the 2 just going off over a stripped down track with a harp sample as the main ingredient. Sh*t is tight when these guys flip verse for verse. You'll enjoy DONT CALL ME JOHN, as it contains many humorous puchlines thru'out.