Featuring: Dilated Peoples, Oh No,
Kazi, Medaphoar, Quasimoto, The Liks, Defari, Declaime and God's Gift

Now the pack been putting in work since the 1st Liks album. Madlib (MC/ producer)was the mastermind behind some of those hits. Wilchild and Dj Romes round out the crew. As you can see they have a ssembled the entire pack of guest vocalists and it does the album no harm whatsoever. Its the chemistry between Lootpack and the guests that makes this album treat. It even seems as if all of em belong to Lootpack. Heres how the story goes. Madlib the beat conductor is one gifted brother and his creations are founded on "beats with the thickness" added in are strong basslines and accompanying sounds that you dont hear on other albums. Props for the digging too. On the emcee tip Madlib and Wilchild work really well 2gether. Madlib having a stuccato stop and flow and Wilchild with the more steady freestyle flavor. Its a lyrical feast of fun, focussing on our arch nemesis the wack emcee.

Here are some of the best tracks.
The singles already heard. THE ANTHEM, WHENIMONDAMIC, QUESTIONS are still fresh and worth it if you didnt buy these before.
Then we got a whole host of tracks that are phatter than that irish bastard in Austin Powers 2: LONG AWAITED (ft Dilated Peoples), BREAK DAT PARTY, EPISODES (with music change for every different emcee), SPEAKER SMASHING(a favourite), VERBAL EXPERIMENTS (ft God's Gift), LIKWIT FUSION (the LIKS family gets down), HITYAWITDAT (Madlib's solo track), B-BOY THEME and 20 QUESTIONS. Thses are the tracks getting multiple spins on my deck. You may like others. The point is theres many phat cuts to choose from. the entire album is dope. Fuck the Sauce!!!!