Prod : Beatminerz, Buckshot, E-swift, Lord Jamar etc. Duck down / Priority

The first time I heard these guys, I was in my boys benz (ok his pops Benz), listening to the New Jersey drive CD. The voices alone invaded my mind and I stopped talking to demand who these MCs were. Since that day I always listened to anything that feat them. Nocturnal is an audio excursion into the past and present life of Rock and Ruck, once street thugs, now part of the boot camp click. To me Rockness Monsta got the voice that commands your attention at all times and Ruck aka Tawl Sean, is the backbone as far as lyrics go. Tha Nocturnal album has so many good tracks there's bound to be debate over which ones are better than others.The production credits speak for themselves ,so you know theres some sloid drum programming and lots of effects on the voices.

My favs are "here we come", "Let the brains blo", "Soldiers gone psycho", "Sean price", "Clans, posses", "Therapy", "Da wiggy" and the 2 most Diesel cuts "Understand" and "Operation lockdown" where E-Swift steals the show on production. A damn near perfect album by Sparkski and Dutch aka Heltah Skeltah. Miss this and egt dissed.