DJ LOGIC - Bootcamp Mixtape vol. 2

Track listings include a little something from each of the Bootcamp albums . OGC's "The Storm", Smif 'n Wessun's "Keep it Movin", Black Moons "I gotcha opin", Heltah Skeltahs "Operation Lockdown" etc. I wish I could say that there was an abundance of DJ skillz on this tape, however Logic does manage to compile an interesting cassette featuring drop-ins by most of the Bootcamp family. The bonuses happen to be the practice session by Steele of Cocoa Brovaz and "Lickle yout man dem" a cut which was supposed to appear on the OGC album. This is not bad at all if your funds are limited and you happen to be a Bootcamp freak. The tape is compiled in such a way that you won't have fast-foward tracks.