Artifacts - That's Them

prod. Shawn J., Beatminerz, V.I.C., Showbiz, Rhino & Tame-One
Big Beat Records

Some folks tend to think undaground means that you're independant. Wrong! There are a few groups with contracts, whose labels just fail to hustle enough for them, for whatever reason. This group is one of them. The name of the record company has been printed to reveal the guilty.
These guys sure got the right name. Folks sleep on these guys so much that they will probably have to go back and dig a bit for their stuff in a few years. Then it'll be just like finding a precious artifact.

This marks the return of the 2 fresh, never stale n!gg@z from the 3rd rail. I really liked the first slab of facts - Wrong side, with its stripped down production. I was waiting to see if they could come correct once again.
I listened and these were the tracks that got my attention from the get go: "ART OF FACTS" with its catchy as hell sung hook that just sticks in your mind. "WHERE YOUR SKILLS AT" Very moody type prod injected with what sounds like far off thunder rumbling, the Dezel Don sample in the hook is perfect. By the way you know this is nothing but battle rhymes right. If you didn't then you better think twice about them Brick City Kids. "COLLABORATION OF MICS" with lords Finesse and Jamar, "IT'S GETTING HOT" Mr Walt lays down the audio seditive and the facts spread on the skrewed up rap game. "the rap game is getting hot / consumers on their knees" word.


"INGREDIENTS TO TIME TRAVEL" basically takes out wack rappers but in a really effective way "If I had it my way / every wack MC would die friday / making saturday / a better day / sunday wouldnt start your week until monday / Thats just the opening lines, along with a sample of the needle skipping across a piece of vinyl (ouch) and nice saxophone licks this is a slow paced but diesel track. Hmm prod by Rhino with Tame on the assist.
"RETURN TO DA WRONGSIDE" Damn they come off better on this one, taking the graf concept even deeper. The crew is out to bomb again and moms is bugging cuz spraycaps is missing etc. Music is a bit smoother this time but it still works. "BREAK IT DOWN" Ok this is it, this is THE track on the album. Shawn J gets props for all his work on this album, but especially for this beat. I played this shit on Bush 89.5fm and peeps just bugged out. Tame and El ride this groove into the ground. I know they only got battle rhymes, but damn they do it good.
"THE ULTIMATE" (Showbiz remix) Not up to the usual standard of previous showbiz productions, but not lousy either. The nice stabs is what drives the track with some chugging beats.

And all too soon the album is done. Wow isn't that always the case with an album that you enjoy? Let me BREAK IT DOWN for you like this 9 good cuts on an album, that's rare. So if you slept on them first time around catch a wake up like Killarmy!!!!!!!!!
Commuters please make sure you have your tokens for the second exciting journey to the wrongside of the tracks.