Latyrx - The Album Lateef & Lyrics Born

prod. Lyrics Born, DJ Shadow, Chief Xcel
Solesides Records

Another release from the Solesides crew that first brought you Blackalicious. Remember rhymes for the deaf dumb and blind? For those that don't know, it's a great laid back sound with lyrics always penetrating the skull. The innovative Latyrx starts it off where Lateef and Lyrics Born are rapping AT THE SAME TIME in different speakers so at the regular setting for balance you hear a jumbling of concepts which is hard to understand at first. But, once you train your ears to separate the sounds, Latyrx will amaze. So for true appreciation listen to each mcee seperately to hear what each is saying, then with both at the same time for the intended effect. The Quickening is a nice track. Balcony Beach is another laid back tune which sounds like Lyrics Born is being backed up by Sade. Bad news is my favorite here. All in all this is a complete project showcasing two talented mcees. To be honest, this won't be everyones "cup of tea", most will refer to it as a bit too weird, but with over 30,000 units moved on their ace, what do they got to worry about. To me this album indicates one positive direction in which hip hop can go. Thanks to Frank for sending me a copy of this and much strength to the underground!!!!!!!!