Masterminds - The Cold War EP

prod. Capital K, DJ Solstice, Rich Black for Da Beatminerz

Prepare for the continuing onslaught of the unsung heroes of this music. From the unda comes the masterminds, who quite surprisingly have released an EP where most indi groups just release singles. The project starts with "first strike" an intro where the sample proclaims that Masterminds "will rock an shock the nation". And they do.
The first actual song WET DREAMS is a nice take on the concept of mcees dreaming. Y'now, wetdreams leave you with a good feeling but once you bust a nut, you left with a cold wet present in ya draws... So stop fronting. Man I just love this concept.

I'M TALENTED - was the first single these guys put out and is the track that gained them some much needed exposure. The production is handled by Rich Black who i remember doing some work on the Smif n Wessun album. The track itself is propelled by a nice snare drum and a really clever use of the Special Ed sample "I'm talented, yes I'm gifted". The lyrics and music combine to make this one a winner. VIBRATIONS - for some reason I expected Dres to start rhyming at anytime on this track, it just sounds like he'll fit in so well. Then again maybe it was because his name was mentioned in "i'm talented".

DIVINE INTERVENTION - a very quiet type of track where much knowledge is dropped, in a non-preachy manner and this is also helped along by a Q-tip sample. CHANGING FACES - gets my vote for one of the dopest tracks I heard in a while. The subject matter just seemed to my full attention, one gripe, why only one (very dope verse), the Nas sample is just too on point here. "a thug changes, and love changes and best friends become strangers" I like the whole damn thing because if the lyrical skill level throughout the entire Ep. The production could have been uped in some places, but with connections like Q-tip and Mr Man from the bush Babies that wont be a problem for long.