Brasse Vannie Kaap - B.V.K.

Fat MC 'mr Fat'

picture: The Fat MC

BVK is Brasse Vannie Kaap, a trio of talented capeflats residents, who have combined to vividly reflect life in the bowels of the mothercity. What you can expect is both the good and bad aspects from the lighter tracks like : "BVK" , "Fords Nissans" (which appear in orig and remix versions) & "Laat dit rik". All about keeping things hype and happening. On "Laat Dit.." things get really "Ys Koud"with this track having the most infectious drum beat and chorus chants.

OH can't forget "Jy smaak my" a hilarious slice about trying to get with honeys who think they're just too good for you. Hama's lyrics are the funniest and you'll love the part where the girl talks about "cruse hair". Then there's the more serious side to things with songs like: "Afkool" is just as enjoyable as any of the lighter songs but at the same time the guys address the topic of the Cape's national sport - drinking.
"Op die yard" sees things from the view point of 3 derelect characters, cracking jokes while drinking & spliffing.
"Tronk story" is a piece where Hama plays the part of an incacerated brother receiving a visit from a friend.
My steez is "Kaap van storms" I think it's the way that things seem so offset. The background music is all laidback with its keyboard vibes and the lyrics is an all out attack on the stereotypes portrayed in the media. Agendas documentery of the same name being the prime target here.

You just have to respect BVK's total dedication to the whole cause. Not compromising their creativity in any way and waiting for the albums release, for all those months. So now what was once rumoured to be Ready's little project has an official release. I don't care about your personal or professional beef with the guys when it comes down to the music these guys deserve respect. Boeta D has one of the dopest styles to surface in rescent months, the foundations are set in his witty wordplay and ability to switch between english to cape slang. The production as good as anything on the POC album. So the next time you're in a record store, do yourself a favour & pick up a copy. The album can be ordered online through Qradio