Lots of people who feel hip hop is stale, believe that it will eventually go back to being controlled by independants.

So on that note it's important to show love to the smaller labels that keep it on level! These labels often have the best hardcore tracks, but lack the distribution deals that would make their artists well known. In keeping with our commitment to good music here are a few good indi releases. Big shout-outs to Skill, Frekie, Moodswing9, Betsy, Mr Hyde, nuff respect goes out to Juma-4


This section keeps you updated on the latest independent hiphop releases:

Rawkus Test pressing featuring Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Shabaam Sahdeeq (new!)
Buc 50 - Metals advocate/ Permanent Scars
Mr Brady - Pure Action/Skills/No Limelight/Hustle
The Arsonists - Pyromaniax/ In your town

75 Degrees - Heatwave/ 1K/ Wrong MC
Joey Chavez - After the heat
Walkmen - Fortruss/Countdown theory/Countdown RMX

Micranots -All Live/Farward/141 Million miles
Equilibrium - Farenheit 813/Windows 98/Critical conditions

Dilated Peoples - Rework the angles/ rmx/ Guaranteed
Foreign Legion - Overnight Success/ Fulltime Bboy/ Undaground
Sound Providers - The Field/Dope Transmission

Team Demolition - Bloodshot Eyes/ Feedback/Shine
The Lone catalysts - Due process/ Let it soak

Rasheed & Ill Advised - Internal Affairs/1986 Rmx
The Beatnuts - Watch out now/ Turn it out

Mr Greenweeds & his shades of blue - me and a pig's sow
All Natural - It's OK
Bizzy Bone - On fire
Kombo - I dont stop/ Pop shit
Unspoken heard - Better / Smiley

ZionI - Inner light/rap degreez/innerlight rmx
Virtuoso - incinerator / rmx / Orions belt

Team Demolition - Dirty gusto
Styles of Beyond- Spies like us
Blank Fasiz-Futuristic Rhymes
Shabazz The Disciple introducing Ghetto Apostles
The Mountain Brothers - "Galaxies/adventures
Double Life - Revolutions/No Limitations/Regimants

L*Roneous Da Versifier - "L" Chemy/ Implosion
Danja Mowf ft Mad Skillz - Mowf of madness
Haiku De Tat - Los Dangerous/ Kaya/Still rappin

Sacred Hoop - Retired EP
Kardinal Offishal - On wit da show/Naughty Dread II
2 Rude Ft Pharaohe & Saukrates - Innovations
Zioni - New Dimensions
Noreaga - N.O.R.E.
Mos Def ft Q-Tip & Tash / Talib Kweli & Dj Hi-Tek - Body Rock/ Manifesto

Unspoken heard- Cosmology EP
Masterminds - Hip Hop music/Deja Vu
Native Sonz - Enter da demo (tape) (South African!)
Moodphase 5 - Geto @ Sunset (South African!)
Big Kwam- I don't give a f*ck (rmx)