If you , like your truly has never heard of TD before, they are a group hailing from Northern Virginia....I said VA! Included in the lineup are some other cats from the same area. Lower life forms , Optical the Visionary, Orson Faust & the Kreative Natives and Jady Experience are the parts of the crew who form like Voltron to hit us with combined strength and make some good quality hip hop.
The just might catch you off gaurd, offering tracks about the herb on "sacks" where they showcase some tight team rhyming. "Nature Rise" is nice too (props to Depth Charge for noticing the pressing flaw) The title track has this weird guitar sample sounding like it came from the Woodstock era. Too many labels are guilty of pushing defective product on the underground massive. Check out Depth Charge and decide for yourself..


Remember Bilal Bashir from Ice T's Rhyme Syndicate? Guess not, that too far back for you? S.O.B. is his younger brother Takbir and rhyming partner Ryu, who are both dope emcees from the underbelly of the west. Its great to hear some west shit without the usual violence, the focus hear is on lyrical content. Althought they wont break any new ground lyrically they have confident flows and production is nice as well. Emcee 007 featured on spies like us is on point too, makes me wonder how many other potent unknown rhyme wreckers there are hidding in the west. The b-side "Styles" has a bit more momentum and energy with banging beats hooked by another ex Syndicate member, Divine Styler add some turntable manipulation from Dj Rhettmatic from Beat Junkies and its on. Pitty about the pressing flaw sending the needle skipping....good that they sorted me out with a cassette single so I could hear the entire track. Dont sleep on this crew and be on the look out for the album "2000 Fold".