These unknowns jump on the scene with 2 blazing tracks. They are the lyrical innnovator J. Sands and the orchestrator J. Rawls. Dont you love groups
wioth intelegent names? Catalyst - a person or thing that causes rapid cgange while remaining unchanged. Uh there I go getting off the point again.
"Due process" is all piano tinkles and cool ass keyboards, giving that jazzy vibe while talib Kweli and Rubix guest along with J.Sands to control the mic
something lovely. I cant explain it quite well enough so heres a taste of the lyrics:

"Due process/ paying these dues/ battling crews/ at the same time/ living in life/ giving enlightenment/ seeing eye for the blind/ thru the darkness of this industry/ we ministry"

That's just the refrain but belive me they comin from multiple angles makin sure they never bore you with lack luster shit, both lyrically and sonically. Nothing short of brilliant!
"Let it soak" is the 2nd track and i confesss that I wasnt feeling it as much but then my mind played a trick on me by continuelly spitting the hook

"when you work 9-5 but you still broke/ let it soak/ when you all stressed out and cant cope/ let it soak"

Thats no bullshit , 200% true shit and of course i'm feeling that. Isnt it great when the topis is relevant to your experiences and not to fantasy! Dante from MOOD and Holmskillit, help out
here. The surprise is that all the artists on here dont come anywhere near wack. Do not snooze on this.