BIG KWAM - I don't give a f*ck. Rmx

Prod : Peanutbutter Wolf and Q-bert
Blinside Rec
Rating : 4

Promo release (i think). I've been playing this track for quite sometime now and it doesn't seem to be showing any signs of weakness yet. Brought to you by the kind people of blinside, a UK label, taking a chance on an unknown US mc. The copy I had was a promo with both the vocal and instrumental pressed on one side, while the b-side was blank. Beat creation is left in the, very underated, but capable hands of Peanutbutter wolf with scratch duties performed by the one and only Q-bert. That in itself should keep you interested. When Kwam let's rip with his first verse its all over. I happen to enjoy lyrics that are fresh cuz the vocab is uncommon (check Ras Kass) Although Kwam is somewhat of an unknown commodity, it would not be wise to overlook his extensive vocab and clear confident flow, that shows he can do far more than just hold his own quite easily. If you need to search for this, believe me it'll be worth the effort. In future i'll be checking for any new product from the brotha

STREET SMARTZ - Problems/Metalthangz

Prod: Buckwild / Ogee. Tru Criminal
Rating : 4

Problemz- is the sh*t, check out the track buckwild laced. A nice slow tempo backing with sweet female adlib singing that reminds me of earth, wind and fire. The contrast of FT (fuc that) breaking down the bitches (not Queens) is truly dope. The refrain: "bitches aint nuthin but problems, cant live withem cant live without 'em" ads to this as FT tells about his struggle with the opposite sex. Not enuff? Check out cyde bee for the team up with OC and Pharoahe with lines like " Jesus Christ I am the Pharoahe the raod I'm on is kinda narrow, plus there's a fork in the shit and I don't know which way to go" FT got "My mind changes, when the time changes / An MC that ain't sayin shit might as well be rappin in sign language" ad the chorus "yo when you hear this shit i bet your head will swing / cuz its a getto thang / where we pack metal thangs / just to settle things", and you got a sureshot. The track features many more memorable moments over a Dj Ogee beat, who comes correct like on the De La album. Peep this or you'll be sorry!