Who the hell are Micranots? A 2 man crew outta GA. I Self Universal (emcee) and DJ Kool Akiem Universal gleem in the hip hop sublevel. This end product doesnt sound as good quality wise as some major label sh*t but they payed for it themselves and did the whole thing on their own terms with full creative control. Conceptually "Farward" is on some back from the future to warn you tip. Complete with report backs of the technological progress "kids play tag in the air/ antigavity boots sold by the pair" but all is not rosy as apparent in the lines "human decoys/ federal non-spiritual agents/ engaing a war on the righteous of the earth/ enslaving you first" "forward in the future, hip hop was crushed by the mainstream/ it was too much for them to touch".
The culture is outlawed and only practised in secret by the rebel youth. In the year 0010 graf writing is reborn and now kids dream of being an allcity bomber. The elements of hip hop tie in with the rebellion.
"kindergarten classes train to overthrow the presidents" Man they should do a video to this song. You think it would ever get played? Sonically the track contains a phat double bass a nice string sample for dramatic effect and some nice snare programming. "141 million miles"  is just as dope, using elements of jazz. Here a sax sample is looped, the drums are a bit empty, not posessing that ole boom bap we're used to. The spooky keyboards are effective and the basic drum track holds the tempo lovely. Boasting is an intergril part of emceeing and this is the cut as you are told exactly how many miles ahead of the pack Micranots are. I've been spinning this for 3 weeks and it just seems to get better. Puhleez check these cuts at www.micranots.com as I know they gonna be hard to find...oh and buy them joints too!


I really got into "Windows 98" because of the backing track. I know its gimmicky but I can't stop liking this. The emcees come off like computer crazed hackers, spittin refferences from start to finish even managing to dis Bill Gates! "Critical conditions" makes comments about social, political and economic conditions that threaten to anihalate the youth. The track features Vex from Boogie Monsters who is a joy to listen to with his super confidence. Together they advise you to "make the right decisions cause our generation cant survive in critical conditions" Total change from the previous track and discussing a genuine problem. You definitely get props over here.