Man you know you large when artists from the west be sending you wax! Just playin, thanx to Mr Brady for the reach out. Its even better when the wax got good quality joints on it. Once again i'm lovin this indi game as Brady pops up unexpectedly with the goods on this single. The first thing to strike you is the immediate head nod factor of the songs. You can tell that the beats have been worked on as none of em sound the same. Some beats venture into the cleaner sound eg. "SKILLZ", while others pack the bottom ends and dirt to the max, check "HUSTLE" for this.

I can only describe this as murky, underground style, productions. The tracks never become cluttered with too many samples or elements. Brady has a baritone voice not dissimilar to a certain saucy nomad but thats where the comparison ends. His rhymes arent too complex or simple and wont change your life but will keep you listening.

"PURE ACTION" contains a sample of an old commodore 64 favourite...Pheonix.
"SKILLZ" features Evidence from Dilated peoples and is my pick of all the tracks as they go verse for verse, educating skilled emcees who are out of touch with reality. Keep listening to the other tracks and you'll be rewarded with some more tight lyrics that just slap you silly when the content is so on point.
"NO LIMELIGHT" for instance cuts out almost all the lower frequencies and adds a few eerie sounds for a minimalist production approach. The hook is pure hip hop "fuck the limelight, glamour glitz and false images".
On "HUSTLE TO MC" the boom bap returns with devastating effect, you'll need good speakers to handle this bottom heavy track. A hard working emcee with dope beats delivering 4 tracks ,2 instrumentals and an accapela on one 12" single, now thats value for money.