Seven Heads, Produced by: The Bedroom Wizard/DJ Spinna

This is some of that deep, mature typa rap music. The EP proved to be surprisingly solid though not classic (but who cares). "Mid Atlantic" is set to some nice vibes and basslines, I think the first verse could have been a bit better. "Setting Sun", is the EP's best cut as MC Blue Black drops a little something about passing knowledge from father to son. You'll also hear where the name Unspoken Heard comes from and what it means. Dj Spinna produced the track with a lovely jazz piano looped sample. "Nigg*s Like Me" has the best rhyme flow going with a verbal tag team between the 2 rhymers... Bedroom Wizard's track, is jazzy. It's good to hear that kind of chemistry again, what with everyone and their mother going solo. The Wiz heats it back up for "It's About Time", actually an unmixed track that has a fat Smiff 'n Wessun sample scratched in.