ZIONI - NEW DIMENSIONS (4track cass)
418 PRODUCTIONS, Produced by: AMP Live, cuts Dj De

Those who know of me, have no doubts about my craving for underground/ indie material, i have no fear of breaking new joints from unknown cats if the material is dope. ZIONI is a dope duo from the bay (berkely CA), originally from Atlanta. An unknown to me, but I'd read the name somewhere on the web before, now I'd get the chance to check out their skillz. 'Dimensions' is the new 4 cut tape following their prevous tape 'enter the woods'. Upon receiving it I got the feeling that this was gonna be some bomb shit. The title cut just rips shit from the start giving that goosebumps effect that is so rare nowadays. 'Venus' is where these guys start sounding alot like Q-tip and then theres the drum n bass track 'Inner light' definitely dont sleep on these guys, I'd advize everyone to pick up the first tape as well. Sometimes there's no justice, how can such a dope group remain underground when theres so many wack artists singed to major labels? Beats, rhymes, cuts, its all on here!!!!! 4 tracks deep plus a short intro and outro.

DUCK DOWN/ PRIORITY, Produced by: Lord Self/ Filthy Ric

Yes this B the first single from the album RUDE AWAKENING. We have long awaited the return of Tek N Steele aka Smif n Wessun aka Cocoa Brovaz and I'm sure you heard their hot track 'won on won' from the 'soul in a hole' sndtrk. So what does 'Black trump' have to offer? For 1 a slammin beat with high end keyboards and the team up of the Bz with one of the killerbeez, namely Raekwon. All the mc's trade rhymes in a real dope stylee, complimenting , new comer Lord self's production. 'The cash' is more laidback with its bass, piano and guitar licks. Quite but deadly with Tek 'n Steele takin bout the cash, still dont nothin move bbut the money. 2 decent tracks that will bump with the best.


I was fully prepared to dis this track. It looks set for desaster in my opinion. First I'm not a fan of CNN right 2nd production by the wackmasters, what could it possibly offer. Okay I do like one track on the 'war report' that was 'capone bone'. Okay this is Noreaga not Norigga or however other fools are pronouncing it. To may great surprise the track is quite likable, this came to my attention when I started humming the bass section which is the main force behind the cut. Its Nore's flow that saves this track from boring the hell out of me though. The hook is catchy as hell and you wont get it out of your head once you've heard 'N.O.R.E. - nory , now we on the run eating' He's supposed to get Big Pun and a few others on the album, so we'll see if he can hold down the fort, while Capone gets better aquainted with the fellas in the jail.


Produced by: SEAN J PERIOD / DJ HI-TEK

Body Rock is the first single and undisputed anthem from the lyricist lounge album. Its got one of the best underground mc's teaming up with a lone ranger (Q-tip) and an Alkaholik (tash), over a track by sean J, who can do no wrong on the boards. These 3 have fun with that oldshcool line 'dont stop the body rock'. Each mc shines with the change up and I'd love to see these guys work on a project together. They kill all that east / west bullshit too, look how well they work. The B-side is from one of the most skillful but underated wordsmiths, Talib Kweli, who blesses us with his manifesto for rap music. Letting mc's know what they need to be doing with their skills - helping the children by dropping jewels. Hi-teks production uses pianos and a sample of crowd murmurings to facilatate Kweli's serious topic. Theres no reason whwy this track should be overlooked but most dj's with go for Body Rock. You know how it is, very few peeps listen to the lyrics of tracks nowadays. What a pittiful state. Thats even more reason why you should listen to manifesto. Another victory for Rawkus and the underground.