OK this is the next single after the sucess of I'M TALENTED. Mixed feelings about the single, although Mr Man is on the assist with production the music lags a bit for me, it never really capture my attention. The Mcees on the other hand have a rhyme feast on this, I think that the track is at the correct tempo for the 2 to kick str8t up skillz and they steer clear of any typical angles taken, even if the subject matter isn't new. They remind me of a combination of De la, Common and someone else that I just can't place for the moment. Skillz should see them getting over, if they keep up this level of product. It is rumoured that they will work with Sean J period on a sinle soon, cant wait.

Thanks to Kimani for the product.


. Beatminerz, k Down Et.
Rating 3.

No fear, the first and deadly single from the thunder, lightning and rain is totally off the hook/jits/ evil. It opens with a filtered bassline and a fay assed drum track. This beat provided by Mr Walt will have your head noddin' (cause your neck knows it's fat) way before you hear a single lyric. Not to say that Starang, Villesluggah and Topdog are slouches on the mic, hell no! You'll be drawn in from the start right up to the chants at the end. No complex wordplay, but solid indeed, you need this

HELTAH SKELTAH - Therapy Rmx/Place to Be

Well what the f*ck happened ? After all those dope releases....... anyway, what we have here is a remix that doesn't even come close to the original. While I can see that this was done with live instruments, it just didn't come off. The singing in the hook... Can you say... Off key. It just wasn't up to the usual standard. Others may criticize by saying that Beatminerz productions sound too similar. I believe, if it ain't broke, why try to fix it? The instrumental of "place to be" is cool and can be used for beat mixing due to its strongdrum track. NEXT!