November 13, 1999

This is Big Dre here with what could possibly be the last update for the year. All I can see is the bigger things to come. Since Ready D's return from the DMC, he has made lots of contacts and now Saheen is in New York doing the same thing on the emcee tip. This suggests that we will be able to bring over a group form the states really soon (see also in the new year). Otherwise the South african hip hop scene is heating up again. Since hip hoppers from Cape Town have been to JoBurg there seems to be a better overstanding of each other and Amu has already done a promotional gig at the last Boogie Down Knights. The contacts between the 2 cities is growning and pretty soon we'll be able to put that Cape Town vs JoBurg shit to rest. Collaborations between the different events look to be the thing for the future, especially where overseas artists are concerned. It would only make sense to rock all the major cities in SA rather than making the trip for one show. Here's whats been happenig:

Cape Town In JoBurg
At the reqest of JoBurg Club owners,some of the best of Cape Town's Hip Hoppers(deejays/emcees/ b-boyz & graf writers) rocked JoBurg on the 23rd October at Club reality attracting a crowd of more than 1100 people. More detailed write-up and pic coming soon.

Boogie Down Knights
Can you believe it? BDK has been running for over a year now. The brainchild of one Hamma D is successfully turning out the crowds @ The Jam. It is only thanx to him a a bunch of hardworking cohorts that we have had this luxury. So now he can add the title of Promoter ot his list as well. His ideas are what helps. Already he has released Boogie Down Knights Live on audio cassette which feature live recordings of the music played and the open mic sessions it has generated alot of interest and some healthy sales. So whats next Boogie Down Knights the toiletpaper? No! The gathering of 2 Tribes, Hip Hop/ Drum N Bass @ the Jam on the 19th of Nov 1999 .FLYERS AND SHOTS OF BDK COMING SOON.

Brasse Vannie Kaap
B.V.K. has been touring the country and playing at most of the music festivals. Its a surprize since the market that they are in now is conservative and white. The last couple of gigs were really sucessful not only in their ability to rock unfriendly audiences but also that the gigs are starting to pay alot better. The stronghold of their music is that they rap in Afrikaans. They have already recorded brand nu tracks for their 2nd full length release but are still riding high off the old album. Their own webpage - www.brassevanniekaap.com, is under construction and should be viewable in a minute.

Dj Ready D in JoBurg
Because of the oppurtunities offered by the city of Gauteng, we could possibly lose our hip hop treasure. At the moment he will be based in JoBurg on a 3 month trial basis and is already deejaying at many of the big events as well as on YFM, JoBurg's youth radio station. Unfortunately for all the cheapskate pomoters in Cape Town, Dee will no longer be available for Cape Town gigs, except @ Boogie Down Knights! We wish him everything of the best, no one else deserves it more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prophets - The struggle continues
So Shaheen has left the group and people thought, well thats the end of Prophets...Not! They have recently embarked on a trip to Norway were they will be performing with brand nu addition E.J. Von Lyric, a female emcee of the highest calibre. She was one of the crew at club Reality, performing with Darker Shadz and rocking the crowd with Dj Azhul as Trains of Thought. You may also recall her as one of the Neophytes. We'll keep an eye on her as she progresses and maybe even do an interview when she returns.

New releases
We have new product from the likes of Amu and Spex. Both emcees are from J-section and have vinyl available. Amu has a single and Spex an EP.
Cell Bluck's producer Hipe has released an EP in CD format that features his group, Mc Delinquent and others.
I have just learned that there is a cassette full of tracks by the now defunct group Neophytes. Best believe that I will try and get my mits on 'em. Of course reviews of these and maybe even MPs will follow.

Happening soon

Mad Can Desease
A graffiti competition hosted by judges, Mak-1, Falco and Ice, will take place @ the Dru Cafe today (12 Nov 1999)

African Battle Cry
Its that time of the year when ABC comes around with its different dj/mc and b-boy battles. More info on it when the flyers are out!

And that about raps it up for this update. Thanks to all the loyal fans outthere. My humble apologies to all of you for the lack of updates. I'm rather busy with deejaying for BVK and helping Hamma with his promotions of BDK. Thank you for your patience. All player haters can suck my ass!!!!!!!!!

August 18, 1999

Now here's a first for S.A. A b-boy battle, made possible by Emile YX? and Thomas from MZEE. All was not going too well 2 weeks prior to the event as the venue that had been aquired was lost in the blink of an eye. Quick thinking by Emile alowed for another venue to be made available. The entry forms and posters that had been printed to that date were not very informative but this was remedied by lots of free radio promotion and the printing of new posters and flyers. Yours truly managed to obtain a ticket by consulting with Falko the King. I was anxious for this to go down and
somehow knew that this would be the bomb.

I got to the hall at 6pm, this was the time stipulated on the flyer. I hung around with some of the b-boys that I know and when some friends arrived we decided to kill time be getting our grub on. When we returned nothing was happening, the opening speaches were done (thankfully). So myself and DJ
Azuhl played a few of the crowd favourites to keep the audience happy. Mark (a former member of Azanian b-boys) was getting down heavily to the music and pulling out all the stops, which I couldnt understand as I thought he would be competing.
Finally things got under way at a few minutes past 8pm and it was all worth the wait. I believe that the delay was caused by some b-boys who were still entering on the evening. When the dancing started, it was a definite treat as I hadn't seen this calibre of b-boying for long time. Ballistic Rock, B-boy kings and all the other crews went thru their sequences and the judges got busy. The crews impressing early on were Azanian's who incorporated African stick fighting into their sequence. Lela of Black Noise also impressed with some tight power moves, Angelo supported him well but where
was Dennis? They were also the only crew who did not make use of the same instrumentals as all the other groups.

The final round was what many people came to see, the crews going head to head in battle. We (myself and Azuhl) had a feeling that Black Noise and Azanians would be deuling for the title. It was obvious that Black Noise had
been outdone early during their battle as Lela was the only member of their crew who had a response to the swift moves of the Azanianz. He tried valiantly to defend his crews name. I also remember Angelo delivering an excellently timed counter attack to one of Ramone's moves. The battles were
seperated by some live performances by the likes of Darker Shadz, "M", Devious to name a few. Deejays Rick B and B-Side hosted a scratch demo on 4 decks before Ready D. myself and Azuhl did our freestyle demo (most unexpected but one of the best parts of the evening).All the artists enjoyed a good reaction from an otherwise dull audience, who slept on many of the outstanding moves the b-boys were executing.

At the end of the evening Thomas announced the winning crew to be Azanian B-boys, with Balck noise in second and Enemy Force taking 3rd. The great fortune teller, DJ Azuhl had made his prediction of the five man crew and surprisingly was had made only one mistake. The five man crew picked by the Judges was Baby L (who also won the b-boy of
1999 award), Cheez & Shorty blitz of Azanian b-boys along with Lela and Angelo of Black Noise.