This module offers a first survey of the main Dutch organisations and institutes which focus entirely or partly on Africa.

Various institutions refer in their website to colleagues elsewhere in Europe. We mention this in our description.

For our visitors from Africa we included a couple of very informative sites as an introduction to The Netherlands. You find these in the section Government.

At a later stage organizations from Africans in Holland and Dutch cultural institutions will be presented in separate modules.

  Education and Science  

  • African Studies Centre

    The Afrika-Studiecentrum in Leiden is the leading Africanist research and documentation institute in the Netherlands. The site in English provides information about seminars, publications, research programmes, and access to the library. It mentions a number of useful links.

  • CNWS Research School

    Within the School of Asian, African, and Amerindian Studies three universisties co-ordinate their research programme. The site gives a clear and concise survey of the research clusters.

  • Institute of Social Studies

    The ISS is an international graduate school of social science teaching, research and advisory work in the field of development studies. The site provides information about its programme, training possibilities, international projects, library and its publications. The short list of links mentions the site of VSNU in which 14 universities in The Netherlands can be visited.

  • Nuffic

    The Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education facilitates exchange especially with Third World countries. The extensive site provides many useful tips to study in the Netherlands and describes in detail almost 400 courses, from short training seminars to full-fledged study programmes offered to foreigners.

    Autumn 1998 Nuffic released the publication Directory on Cooperation in Higher Education between the Netherlands and Southern Africa which describes 192 programmes of cooperation.

  • Royal Tropical Institute

    The site offers information about and access to the vast Institute library, the publications, the various training and language courses and about the research projects. Show piece is the exquisite virtual map room. An interesting list of selected Dutch organizations with library collections relevant to developing countries is included. Furthermore information about the agenda and activities of the Tropen Museum, the Children's Museum and the Soeterijn Theatre.

  • Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen (CIDIN)

    CIDIN (formerly named Third World Centre) is an education- and research institute within the Department of Humanities of Nijmegen University. CIDIN offers the 'Development Studies Route' to students of KUN. It has its own extensive Documentation and Information Department. The site offers an overview of current research fields. The library catalogue may be consulted online.

      Institutes / Support- and Infogroups  

  • Afrikacentrum

    This Centre in the South of Holland offers a permanent Africa-exhibition and temporal thematical presentations. Its aim: information about black Africa is furthermore realized through the magazine Opinies, brochures and documentation sets. The Africa Centre organizes symposia, workshops and runs a library.

    Opening hours: Tuesday till Sunday 13.30 - 17.00 h
    Closed: Monday, New Years day, carnival, first Easter, Pentecost and Christmas day
    Groups: by appointment.

    Rijksweg 15
    6267 AC Cadier en Keer
    phone: 043-4077383


    Kairos is an Oecumenical Advice and Information Centre accessible to anyone with an interest in South Africa. The foundation has a substantial documentation section. Also visitors may use the expertise of the staff who have been involved with South Africa for over 18 years. Apart from general information related to political developments in South Africa, the documentation focuses mainly on substantial activities in the fields of human rights, youth and welfare, truth and reconciliation, education and science, church and religion, culture and history.

    Pauwstraat 7
    3512 TG Utrecht
    phone +31-30-2319714; fax +31-30-2316518

  • Kalahari Support Group

    A support group for the Bushmen / San in the Kalahari, which irregularly publishes a bulletin in English.

    Keizersgracht 682
    1017 ET Amsterdam

  • La Maison Africaine

    The Foundation - established in 1989 - stimulates an active dialogue between Africans and the Dutch in the cultural, educational and informative spheres. Apart from exhibitions, workshops and manifestations it organizes Le Salon: a cultural platform to debate the African actuality and literature. Each Saturday from 22.00 hours a swinging African night takes place.

    Houtmankade 72
    P.O. Box 14729
    1001 LE Amsterdam
    phone/fax +31-20-6811436

  • Nederlands Comité Burundi

    The committee is the contact point for information and has various working groups. It stimulates a dialogue and unity. The very informative site (Dutch language) provides information on the activities of the NCB and gives a good selection of links.

  • NiZA

    The Netherlands institute for Southern Africa is an independent NGO, the result of a merger between various Southern Africa groups. Niza publishes the quarterly Zuidelijk Afrika and a series of cahiers. The Institute organizes campaigns, debates and exchange programmes. Niza has an excellent library, information and resource centre (Bidoc) which also combines the archives held by the former Dutch solidarity movements. The website provides information such as aims, activities and visiting address, plus info on the current campaigns. Later this year the NIZA site will be expanded. Site in English and Dutch.

  • Nederlands Zuid-Afrikaanse Vereniging

    The NZAV advocates since many decades close links between Holland and South Africa. The Netherlands South Africa Association takes its bearings partly from the Dutch immigrant community in South Africa. The site, in Dutch, English and Afrikaans, lists all activities such as lectures. Info about the huge library, the publications and opportunities of studying in South Africa. Furthermore it provides information about grants to study in Holland via Stichting Studiefonds.

  • Prins Claus Fonds

    The Prince Claus Fund, established in 1996, is an independent foundation and stimulates and supports activities in the field of culture and development by allotting awards, by funding and producing publications and by financing and promoting networks and innovative projects. The Fund pays a lot of attention to Africa and is in general interested in the assertive element in a society: people who strive for self-emancipation,democracy and justice.


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The website in Dutch and English provides ample information about its policy, organisation and documents. Also many useful advices about travelling abroad and addresses of Dutch Representations. The website of Development Assistance to be reached through the link 'international site' at the homepage of the Foreign Office. The Foreign Office also gives information about Holland.

  • Gemeentelijk Platform Zuidelijk Afrika

    The Municipal Network for Southern Africa is an association of approximately seventy municipalities which all have keen interest in the local developments in Southern Africa. The Dutch name for the Network is Gemeentelijk Platform Zuidelijk Afrika. It offers training for local governments and local institutions and is involved in many housing projects. The secretariat of the Network operates within the framework of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG).

    P.O.Box 30435
    2500 GK The Hague
    phone +31-70-3738675; fax +31-70-3635682

      Cofinancing Organisations  

  • Bilance Service Fund

    Bilance Service Fund is an initiative of Cordaid in collaboration with its 'service clubs' whose particular initiatives for development aid are co-financed through the fund.

  • Cordaid

    Cordaid was founded in 1999 through a fusion of the catholic development organizations Memisa, Mensen in Nood and Bilance (Vastenaktie and Cebemo). The site offers an overview of projects and central themes in the Cordaid policy.

  • Hivos

    The Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries seeks to help improve the opportunities and scope for development of people in the South.The clear site gives full information about Hivos, its policies, actual development and a resumen of the latest annual report. Also the Hivos International newsletter and substantial information about two new initiatives: on micro credit for sustainable development and one on culture.The direct links to related partners are quite useful.

  • Icco

    The Interchurch organisation for development cooperation works on behalf of a large number of protestant churches, which are also represented in the board. ICCO runs projects in a.o. Africa. The homepage in English and Dutch is short.The mission statement is also in French and Spanish.

  • Novib

    Novib works for sustainable development by supporting the efforts of poor people in developing countries and by championing their cause in the North. The web site is in English and Dutch. The number of bodies involved in development assistance is almost endless. For those who wish to grasp what is happening in and by the European Union we refer to Euforic / Europe's Forum on International cooperation. The complete handbook on who is doing what in the field of European development cooperation and policy; listing the co-financing and other concerned member organizations, highlighting publications, articles and policy documents. In English, French and Spanish.

  • XminY Solidarity Fund

    This selfwilled independent funding organisation supports since 1968 bodies in countries where freedom of speech is stifled. The organisation is run by volunteers and depends on donations. The site in Dutch provides information about the aim, campaigns and projects of XminusY

      Development Policy and Cooperation  

  • Agromisa

    Agromisa foundation is an information centre for small-scale sustainable agriculture which aims at improving the social-economic situation of peasants in developing countries. The site offers plenty of info on the work of Agromisa, its news letter and an excellent selection of relevant links.

  • CNV - Actie Kom Over

    The National Federation of Christian Trade Unions in the Netherlands. In this context the CNV is operating a department for international solidarity, the so-called CNV-Actie Kom Over. This department gives financial assistance to sister trade unions in Asia, Africa, Latin America and in Central and Eastern Europe. The focus of this financial solidarity is on the poorest unions to help them build up their organizations and support them in their training activities. The site is in Dutch with an English summary.


    The European Centre for Development Policy Management aims to improve cooperation between Europe and countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific through capacity building, the promotion of policy dialogue, and the provision of information. The site contains the very useful section AidGate: a guide to aid policies and various issues, also profiles and listings of organisations in Europe involved in the field.

  • Evert Vermeer Stichting

    The EVS foundation within the Partij van de Arbeid / Labour Party focuses on international cooperation and has two national working groups. One deals with Africa and the other with the foreign policy issues by local governments.

    P.O.Box 1310
    1000 BH Amsterdam
    phone 020-5512453 / 5512132

  • FNV - Mondiaal

    The Dutch Confederation of Trade Unions / FNV actively supports the development of strong unions worldwide. Through its FNV - Mondiaal programme over 250 projects are supported a.o. in Africa.

    P.O.Box 8456
    1005 AL Amsterdam
    phone 020-5816300; fax 020-6844541

  • IICD

    The International Institute for Communication and Development has been established by the Netherlands Minister for Development Cooperation. Its mission is to provide advice and information on aspects related to the application of Information and Communication Technology in the South.It facilitate a series of 'roundtables' in order to map out the demand. Projects, programme and more described in the homepage. The organizational profile, describing IICD's mission, objectives, target groups and strategies is available in English, French and Spanish.


    An independent organisation, which develops new ideas to inspire policy makers, business people and individuals in the Netherlands and Europe to contribute towards its objective: a redistribution of wealth between the South and the North. The activities include organizing debates, seminars, release of publications and of a magazine.The site is in Dutch.

  • Trans National Institute

    Founded in 1973, TNI is an international network of activist-scholars concerned to analyse and find viable solutions to such global problems as: militarism and conflict, poverty and marginalisation, social injustice and environmental degradation. Also information about its project: Co-operation Alternative Economic Strategies for the Poor of Southern Africa. Site in English.


  • Kopano Nieuwsbrief

    Newsletter from the Kopano foundation, a support group which focuses on rural development in Nortern Transvaal.

    Kopano Groningen
    Folkingedwarsstraat 16
    9711 JJ Groningen
    telefoon 050-3187172
    fax 050- 5345254

    Kopano Drenthe
    Boslaan 12
    7811 GJ Emmen
    tel/fax 0591-642804

  • Nieuw Afrika

    Monthly on Sub Sahara Africa which summarizes the most important political developments per country.

    M. Mindanda Mohogu
    Postbus 23
    4140 AA Leerdam

  • QUEST: Philosophical Discussions

    This African Journal of Philosophy intends to act as a channel of expression for thinkers in Africa, and to stimulate philosophical discsussion on problems that arise out of the radical transformations of Africa and African are undergoing. A variety of philosophers and other intellectuals contribute to the interesting magazine which appears in June and December. The articles are in English or French each with a summary in the other language.

    P.O. Box 9114
    9703 LC Groningen

  • Indigenous Knowledge and Development Monitor

    This journal publishes articles dealing with IK in relation to sustainable development. The Monitor also features a lively section 'Communications': short notices about relevant conferences, publications and research. Africa is paid attention to frequently. Three issues yearly, both online and printed versions available.

    P.O. Box 29777
    2502 LT The Hague

  • Soera - Middle East Magazine

    Independent opinion quarterly on the Middle East. The magazine brings many interviews, analyses and latest news. It pays attention to newly issued books, giving some of these a review, also talks about culture.

    Postbus 16929
    1001 RK Amsterdam
    telefoon 020-6388118 or 6636354

  • Zambia Newsletter

    Magazine appearing every 3 months filled with articles and things worth knowing selected by theme, from Werkgroep Zambia.

    Lombokstraat 8
    3818 CV Amersfoort
    telefoon 033-4651718

  • Zuidelijk Afrika

    Leading quarterly magazine on the South African region with many pages on recent political and societal developments, literature and culture and travel. Also reports, news, analyses, intreviews, pictures and a short story. Issued by the Dutch Institute for Southern Africa. The Niza site offers detailed info on the contents

  • Zuid-Afrika

    The magazine has been adapted to the recent changes in South Africa and is alligned to the Dutch South African society, an organisation which for decades has been proposing a closer alliance between Holland and South Africa. The magazine appears 10 times yearly.

    Keizersgracht 141
    1015 CK Amsterdam
    telefoon 020- 6249318

  • Bijeen

    Christian inspired monthly magazine on people in the global society. Africa is paid attention to regularly.

    Postbus 750
    5201 AT Den Bosch
    tel 073-6218970; fax 073-6240008

  • Internationale Samenwerking

    Free monthly magazine from the department of development co-operation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The magazine has a wide focus, a lot of attention is paid to Africa. Analyses, reports, a lot of discussion, news from the department of Development Co-operation and in the Wereld in Aktie' section a selection of exhibitions, new publications, lectures and things worth knowing.

    Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken
    t.a.v. het buro Voorlichtingsmiddelen (DVL/VM/SL)
    Postbus 20061
    2500 EB Den Haag
    telefoon: 070-3486789

  • Onze Wereld

    Independent magazine aiming at a broad audience, on development co-operation and non-western cultures. Issued monthly by Novib. Onze wereld has a worldwide network of reporters. Attention is paid to Africa in background articles, short news stories, book reviews and discussion. A lot of attention is paid to culture. The magazine comes with an intercultural agenda which lists events by theme and region.

    telephone 020-5518555; fax 020-6251288
    Postbus 1050
    1000 BB Amsterdam
    telefoon 020-5518422

  • Viceversa

    Quarterly on development work with reports, discussion and background articles, sometimes a special theme issue and a lot of information on Africa. Issued by Stichting Nederlandse Vrijwilligers.

    Bezuidenhoutseweg 161
    2594 AG Den Haag
    telefoon 070 - 3440139 na 12.00 uur; fax 070-3855531

  • Inzet Magazine

    Independent opinion mag on international co-operation, 6 issues per year from Vereniging voor Noord-Zuid Campagnes. Table of contents available from the Inzet internet site, see above.

  • Derde Wereld

    Magazine on development issues from the Derde Wereld Publikaties foundation, quarterly issue. The magazine brings essays and more contemplative articles. Postbus 1358 6501 BJ Nijmegen

  • Samsam

    A Third World monthly for children from 7th and 8th form (9-14 years) in primary school In the renewed magazine attention is paid regularly to Africa. With each issue a manual for teachers is included.

    For a manual and a free subscription:
    Mauritskade 63
    1092 AD Amsterdam


  • Netherlands African Business Council

    The Netherlands African Business Council assists Dutch companies in Africa, provides expert advice, organizes the annual Africa Conference and keeps in regular contact with embassies. Also it represents its members in consultations with the Dutch government and the European.The NABC publishes the Africa Newsletter.

    contact address NABC:
    Holland Trade House
    Bezuidenhoutseweg 181
    2594 AH Den Haag
    phone 070-3441568; fax 070-3853531

  • Nederlandse Kamer van Koophandel voor Zuid-Afrika

    The Nederlandse Kamer van Koophandel voor Zuid-Afrika and the South African - Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (Sanec) offer services in the the promotion of trade and economic relations between the two countries. Members are informed of the important developments throught the Sanec Newsletter and the forthnightly Newsflash.

    Contact address in the Netherlands:
    Holland Trading House
    Bezuidenhoutseweg 181
    2594 AH Den Haag
    phone 070-3470781; fax 070-3352766

    Contact address in South Africa:
    Export House
    Cor. Maude & West Streets
    Sandton 2196 (Johannesburg)
    phone 011-8842065/6/7; fax 011-8835573

  • CBI

    Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries / CBI The CBI operates within the policy framework set by the Netherlands Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Development Co-operation. CBI supports small and medium-sized enterprises and trade promotion organisations in developing countries in their promotion of exports to the European Union. The site also offers information on training programmes and on CBI's multilateral partners.

  • NFTA

    The Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency (EVD) of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs provides Dutch business with information and services relevant for its export activities. It has an enormous library and provides information about Dutch ecomony, factsheets about the European Union, links of financial institutions and publishes an electronic Newsletter. This site is in English. Also useful but mainly in Dutch is the website of Economische Voorlichtings Dienst.