The Module Arts and Culture offers a wide variety of contemporary African art and culture present in The Netherlands. What is available in the field of contemporary African art in The Netherlands?
In three sections the field of contemporary African art in The Netherlands is presented on the Internet.

In African artists in The Netherlands over 30 contemporary artists with origins in more than 15 different African countries show their work - each presented with three images of the work, a characterization, C.V. and contact address. Artists can be selected by country, alphabet or sexe (male/female). New adds of artists are always welcome. Please contact by e-mail, phone 020 - 531 84 99 or fax 020 - 531 84 98.

Tip: By clicking on the image, it will enlarge. Ctrl + P to print the personal page of the artist.

In the section Galleries & (art) Institutions all the main cultural institutions and galleries - active in the field of non-western art - in The Netherlands are collected. Varying from art lending centers, galleries to foundations, educational institutes, subsidizing institutes and exchange programmes for artists.

The survey of Museums in The Netherlands and in Belgium that have a permanent Africa presentation or organize exhibitions on Africa, focuses on a variety of perspectives. From an ethnological point of view to attention for modern developments on the African continent or contemporary African art.

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