last update: January 31 2003
The Netherlands and Belgium

  Afrika Museum
Berg en Dal

   The Africa Museum in Berg en Dal makes visitors acquainted with the cultures of several African people in the southern part of the Sahara. In the exhibitions the attention is mainly directed to religion and spirituality, because they are closely related to daily life. Every African mask, ornament, statue and useful object that is put on show in the museum tells its own story. In the exterior museum five residential grounds are imitated; out of Ghana, Lesotho, Mali, Cameroon and Benin. There it can be seen how people in Africa live and work.

Postweg 6
6571 CS Berg en Dal
phone: +31 24-6841211
fax: +31 24-6841922

Cadier en Keer

   The Africa Centre in the south of Holland offers a permanent Africa exhibition and thematical presentations. Its aim: information about black Africa is furthermore realized through the magazine Opinies, brochures and documentation sets.
The Afrikacentrum organizes symposia, workshops and runs a library.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 13.30 - 17.00 hrs
Saturday - Sunday 14.00 - 17.00 hrs
Groups: by appointment
Closed: Monday, New Years day, carnival, first Easter, Pentecost and Christmas day

Rijksweg 15
6267 AC Cadier en Keer
phone: +31 43-4071226 / 4071277

  Allard Pierson Museum

   The Archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam offers a large collection of works of art and utility from Egypt, the Near East, Etruria and from the Mediterranean at large.
   The website is in Dutch, English, French and German and gives general visitors' information, a short illustrated introduction to the various collections, the publications and the library.
The nice virtual exhibition about Egypt is in Dutch only.

  Ethnografisch Museum

   The Ethnographical Museum contains works of art and utility from Africa, America and the South Sea area.
   The website, in English and Dutch, presents the permanent collection and the special exhibition. It offers general information about this small but attractive museum in the Belgium city of Antwerp.

  Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika
Tervuren, Belgium

   The Royal Museum for Central Africa near Brussels houses an enormous collection of works of art and utility. The museum pays attention to the colonial period and the Belgium presence in Africa. The various sections deal a.o. with mineralogy, geology, flora and fauna.
   The website, in French and Dutch, shows the ground-plan, agenda and many attractive guided tours for youngsters. Also information about the scientific department, the huge public library and the documentation service.

The Hague

   The popular-science museum offers a variety of collections which are shown in an atttractive manner.
The presentation is very much designed for youngsters but grown-ups will feel at home.
   The original and playful website expresses a similar attitude. It is possible to roam through the collection, the various beautiful expositions and a digital museumlesson.
The site, in Dutch with an abbreviated version in English, offers an exhaustive agenda.


   The National Museum of Coins and Medals offers coins from sunken ships, African money-bracelets, age-old coin scales, large gold medals and intricately engraved gems. The museum organizes special exhibitions.
   The clear and informative site brings the agenda, a survey of the collection and exhibitions with explanation; info about the publications and library. It is possible to make inquiries about identification of coins and medals. Website in English and Dutch.

  Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

   The National Museum of Antiquities houses a large collection of items from ancient Egypt, the Classical World, the Near East and The Netherlands. The museum presents the only Egyptian temple in Holland.
   The attractive website -only in Dutch- gives a wealth of information about the collection and the exhibitions. The museum has special rooms and tours for children. The site gives an interesting selection of links including a dynamic one about ancient Egypt.

  Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde

   The renewed National Museum of Ethnology openend her doors for the public again spring 2001. The public will be amazed, by a total new structuring of the permanent collection and new art projects together with contemporary non-western artists. The new website has rich information on their projects and exhibitions, with the possiblity to make a virtual passage through the masterpieces of its digital collection.


   The Tropical Museum offers permanent exhibitions about daily life and cultures in Africa, Latin-America, South-east Asia, South Asia, Oceania and Man & Environment. In June 1998 a new permanent exhibition titled the Islamic Cultural Area has been included.
   The website summarizes the exhibitions and provides a detailed and extensive agenda: the temporary exhibitions and other activities. Also info about the unique Children's Museum only for the age group 6-12 years. Also an extensive Theater agenda of the events in the large and small auditorium. The site is in English and Dutch.

  Volkenkundig Museum

   The Gerardus van der Leeuw Museum of the University of Groningen offers a semi-permanent presentation of its ethnological collection. Yearly, it organizes at least four additional exhibitions.
   The website in English and Dutch provides ample information about the agenda, collection, the exhibitions and the educational program for youngsters.


   After a restructuring and restyling of its the former Etnografic museum, Rotterdam hosts now the beautifull Worldmuseum. The museum pays attention to both contemporary themes, for exapmle the multicultural society as to more tradtional subjects like the treasures of the world. The museum includes a mediatheque, a pleasant exotic restaurant, and a museum shop. More info can be found on the website, with information on its projects (future and current) and its collection. (Dutch only).