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links   Arts and Culture
Africa Centre
Website of the well known African cultural center in the heart of London, where African artists, writers, musicians and politicians gathered to take part in the public debate. At the moment undergoing a period of major redevelopment and change.
African Art on the Internet
Selected annotated internet resources relating to African art (part of the Africa South of the Sahara directory).
African Arts
Website of the famous magazine African Arts; electronic versions not free available
African Colours
Based in Nairobi, this site offers a platform for contemporary African art and artists; with artists profiles, news and events.
African Crafts
A portal dedicated to promoting the arts and the artisans of Africa. Offers biographical and artistic information on craftspeople, artists and designers, and a guide to the arts of Lesotho and Ghana
African Timelines
Comprehensive site made for students with information on and links to the history, orature, literature and film of Africa.
Consiste d'un catalogue de tous les objets du site et diverses études sur l'art africain.
Le site et la revue de référence des arts africains visuels, de la scène, et de l'écrit et de la parole.
Afriscope est un magazine culturel édité par la rédaction parisienne d’Africultures.
The portal of African and Caribbean cultures: news about music, arts and culture, society and travel.
Anansi Masters
A digital platform where you can find information but most of all stories about fable animal Anansi.  Most of the stories are in Dutch, some in Twi, some in English.
Art and Life in Africa Project
Directed by Christopher Roy, Univ. of Iowa, this website offers information on African art objects which are used at key moments in life. Contains also information on a number of countries and peoples.
Arts in Africa
A portal for information about the arts in Africa listed by country as well as discipline. It also includes, amongst others, information on UNESCO branches, funding agencies, e-newsletters.
Dak'art - biennale de l'art Africain contemporain
Website of the biennial African art fair in Dakar (held 7 May / 7 June 2010)
A scholarly discussion list, focusing on the expressive cultures of Africa and the Diaspora, with links to various resources.
Kerr Museum Productions
Site created to aid public institutions and private collectors in identifying, conserving and displaying their collections utilizing the latest systems and technology. 
Collection of links to sites about African art, galleries, musea, etc
Political cartooning and cartoonists in Africa.
When finished (last update june 2009), this site will have entries on cartoonists from all African countries (at the moment 13) and show copious samples of their works.
Rand African Art
Images of an American private collection with lots of pictures and art related links.
Revue Noire
Renowned French magazine on African contemporary (fine) art. Index of the magazine and sections on music, film, literature etc. List of published art books.
StoneAge Art Company
Canadian gallery specialized in Shona stone sculpture from Zimbabwe, with useful background information and links.
Trust for African Rock Art
Dedicated to African rock art (in danger) the TARA website offers rock art news, resources, conservation and publications, with a link to its informative newsletter.
Universes in Universe - Welten der Kunst
Leading and expert website on art from all over the world; Africa is well represented with news, reports, exhibitions and more , all on international contemporary African arts.-
Wereldculturencentrum Zuiderpershuis
The Zuiderpershuis World Culture Centre is an arts centre and offers a permanent platform to artists from Africa and the rest of the world

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