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links   Reizen / Toeristische en reisinformatie
Getaway To Africa
Getaway magazine's publication on African travel, with information on places to stay, attractions, packages, and regional maps.
Africa Guide, The
A comprehensive guide with touristic and travel information per country and an interesting African people and culture section. 
Africa Imagery
A complete African photographic service, containing amongst others a searchable image data base, focusing on people and wildlife (for sale).
Africa Travel Magazine
A directory of African countries with links to photos, topics, events and stories; and many other links.
Africa on the web
General site with links to all kinds of touristic information
African Travel & Tourism Association ( ATTA)
ATTA creates a platform for buyers across Europe to meet suppliers of African tourism products.
African Travel Association
American organisation to promote travel and tourism to Africa.
African Travel Gateway
Site offering information on tours and safaris in southern Africa, with country specific information.
Bicycle Africa Tours
Verantwoord fietsen, unieke informatie, per land van een Amerikaanse reisorganisatie
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The section on travelers' health of the CDC website contains very useful information for travelers to African (and other) countries.
Columbus Guides- World Travel Guide: Africa
Tourist and business travel information with facts on climate, visa, health, passport, currency and customs requirements.
Ambassades in Nederland
Overzicht op de site van buitenlandse zaken met de adressen, telefoon en openingstijden van alle Afrikaanse ambassades in Nederland
MD Travel Health
Complete travel health information for all African countries, updated daily, for physicians and travelers.
Maps of Africa
Fraaie selectie van kaarten, ook enkele historische alsmede interactive mapping sites
New York Times - Travel: Africa
Limks to articles published in the New York Times on travel in African countries and cities, with related links.
The Africa Guide
Very extensive and useful site with links to and information on a variety of travel related topics, such as medical issues, festivals, people and culture, and travelogues.
The Independent
Links to articles published in The Independent's Africa travel section.
Travel Africa Magazine
Travel quaterly with many topics including wildlife, culture, history and conservation. Articles supported by world-class photography.
Travel Guide To Africa By Bike
The Africa pages of the travel guide of the International Bicycle Fund, containing country-specific information and links.
USAfrica - Central Africa
Information about business, travel, and education. Includes related links and a photo album.
Virtuele tourist
Extensive site where members share their travel stories and favorite links. Touristic information per land.

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